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Result of visit to ortho. surgeon.

Posted by Andrue on 1/14/03 at 11:22 (105462)

The first difference was the time spent and tone of the interview compared with an NHS GP. Very thorough and lasted over half an hour (GPs usually last for ten minutes). He doesn't have any problem dealing with foot problems (none of that 'below the ankle demarcation) but then my experience of UK podiatrists would lead me to wonder who does deal with feet if he doesn't :(

The conclusions he came to are:

* I do appear to have PF.
* I shouldn't have it.

He tentatively agreed that barefoot cycling could cause it but couldn't understand why I hadn't healed a year after I'd last done that. I'm not overwheight, I'm only 36, he says my foot shape is excellent and that my gait and stance are pretty good. All in all he reckons I should be virtually 'immune' to PF unless I do something really stupid. Ho hum :)

Anyway he's going to schedule me for an MRI and we'll see what that shows. His parting words were that it didn't seem to be a major problem (from a medical viewpoint) and we just needed to work out why it hasn't healed.

I'll keep you posted on the MRI results...