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Physical Therapy

Posted by Lara % on 1/15/03 at 13:15 (105522)

I'm going to see a Physical Therapist later this week. Like most professionals, she doesn't see much Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (I'm probably her only TTS patient - a scenario I'm familiar with), but she is willing to learn and read - and she is an excellent PT. She is going to do some research and I suggested I would also post something to see if anyone had any recommendations on where to start.

I don't know what background information you might need - here is a thumbnail sketch:

I have had a NCV test to confirm the TTS diagnosis. The podiatrist (the only professional I see for whom I'm not the only TTS - she sees 1-2/week) says I don't have PF, just TTS.

I had PT back (a few years ago - before I found the Pod that was familiar with TTS) when 'they' thought it was PF, and it didn't seem to help or hurt - including the small machine (ultrasound?) they use.

Things that have helped:
1. compression socks - gave me a life back, sans sports or walks (in the park, in the mall, on vacation). Before that I had dorsal nerve pain (which I never get anymore), and burning plantar feet (which I have constantly now - it ebbs and flows with my activity- but at a low enough level I can live a nice life).

2. When the pod taped my foot VERY heavy (took a few minutes to complete with many layers of tape). It was left on for 10 days until it fell off (I was supposed to keep it on until my next appt, a couple days later, but like I said, it feel off). My feet were MONTHS better after the taping - but it wasn't something I could live with on a daily basis. First, it took quite a while to do, but it also was very uncomfortable. I tolerated it because it was diagnostic, but the icky-sticky feeling on the bottom of my feet could drive one crazy if 24/7/365.

3. Dansko clogs.

Things that haven't helped:
1. orthotics (may have slowed the progression, not sure)

Any suggestions on where the PT should start?