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Pain and swelling in rear of heel

Posted by David W. on 1/19/03 at 13:00 (105929)

I have swelling at the rear of my left heel about an inch or so off the floor. It is painful when I have sat for awhile and also the first thing in the morning. After I walk on it for awhile and after I have run a mile or so it tends to disappear until I rest it again when it tightens up. Aspirin and Tylenol Arthritis medicine seem to reduce the pain a little. It does not seem to be in the Achilles although that seems to tighten around the swelling. It is sensitive to the touch, but only under heavy pressure. Otherwise it is just a little sore. The swelling is making my foot larger in my shoe.

I have looked online, but am unable to find any condition described that seems similar.

What is it and what do I do (other than to stop running)?