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Foot's cold and no pain....

Posted by Sheila S on 1/20/03 at 05:31 (106008)

I discovered something quite by accident when I went to an Ortho. Foot/Ankle specialist for another opinion a couple of weeks ago. (I'm the one with 2 neuroma surgeries, L foot, dorsal incisions, and continued pain) - so am wondering about indications.....

My foot was really hurtin on the way to, and upon arrival, at the doctor's office (I had on New Balance tennis shoes, it was cold so had lots of heat on in the car, and even with the left foot just resting it was hurting). I went in the exam room, got barefoot, and waited and waited - meanwhile my feet got cold. So when the doc came in to do some exam and I walked, it was NOT hurting like it had been when arrived and I could hardly MAKE it hurt in order to pinpoint the pain location for him.

After the car warmed up on the way home, and my feet were good and warm it started hurting real bad again. By the time I got home I was limping!

After realizing this, I also realized that when I worked outside the weekend before (it was very cold) I remember noticing that I could do all the walking around in the field without my foot hurting - but after I finished and came in the house and took my muck-boots off, I was hobbling. I didn't associate the cold/heat, I thought it was just that I had quit working 'in the knick of time.'

Now, my question is, if I have yet another neuroma or the nerve was clipped too short and hidden under the met head....is this cold/hot reaction normal? The Ortho. Doc. seemed puzzled at first when I mentioned this, but then said 'yes' that could be so.

Any opinions?

Thanks - Sheila