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anyone having surgery please read this

Posted by lauriel on 1/22/03 at 11:42 (106300)

PLease make sure your are in excellent health before your surgery. I was originally scheduled for surgery the beginning of November. I went in for pre-op 3 days before it. I Filled out my health questionaire which looked good to the Dr. As an afterthought as I was leaving I mentioned to the nurse I thought I had a gum infection, because I had severe bleeding gums but thought I would go to the dentist after surgery. (nothing on the questionaire about your mouth) she said that could be a major problem and called the Dr over. He said gum problems can be a major source of infection in the foot area. I went right over to my denstist who confirmed it. I was put on antiobotics and had to postpone my surgery until it was cleared up.

Make sure you tell your Dr everything about your health I cant believe that because it is such a big deal, they dont ask you.