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The "Since your last visit" link

Posted by Kathy G on 1/27/03 at 09:02 (106947)

I had a busy weekend and I only came online for a short time both Saturday and Sunday. I want to thank you all for answering my question about the 'Since your last Visit' links. I also thank you all for confirming that I haven't totally lost my mind because I haven't been able to find them for the individual boards since I posted that question!

I honestly thought it was me or my computer which, as I said, did fill up the 'Comments' section with zeroes and threes when I was not touching anything! That was on Friday evening. Then I heard about the computer virus on Saturday and decided that must have been what was wrong. But the computer seems to be working properly now and from what I understand, the virus wouldn't have affected individual computers anyhow. So I will go to the Heelspurs board and ask Scott if he deleted them just to make me look dumber than usual!!

Computers are such a wonderful thing --- when they work!