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PF Recovery

Posted by nancy sc on 2/10/03 at 13:32 (108696)

Question for doctors:

I am recovering from PF (I'd say I'm 95% healed) that developed gradually last spring. It got bad enough for me to stop running in June, and I've just started again.

My question is whether you notice a difference in recovery between runners vs. non-running PF sufferers. If you look on runnersworld.com injury boards you will see lots of runners who seem to run through PF and get rid of it anyway. Whereas here the conventional wisdom is to stop running and all other activity where possible.

Also, I noticed that in the 6 months I wasn't running, the condition of my feet (apart from PF symptoms) significantly deteriorated. They were tired from just a little bit of walking or other activity and it has taken several weeks just to get back to being able to perform normal (non-running) activities requiring standing/walking. Those weeks were difficult because I wasn't sure whether the tiredness/achiness in my feet was PF or just being out of shape from inactivity. Now that I am better I am inclined to think that it was inactivity.

Also, strangely enough, once I started running, I found that my foot feels much better than when I was only exercise-walking. Is there some point in the recovery period when running actually helps shake out the soreness? This is how it feels.

I am now running every other day with orthotics (in the past -- for 20 years or so-- I ran every day, no orthotics) and stretching and feeling very hopeful that I will be able to continue doing this. Do you see cases of PF like mine, and can I stay pain - free?


Re: PF Recovery

Linda S on 4/24/03 at 20:13 (117034)

Hi Nancy!
I'm so glad you posted your history. I've been running for 27 years (I'm 39 now) and have been plagued with PF since January 2003 (after running on a treadmill over the winter). As an aside I'm convinced that the treadmill caused this problem, especially since I developed achilles tendonitis last winter after I opted for my treadmill insted of running outside because of the harsh winter conditions.

Only today I saw a podiatrist who gave me a cortison injection and suggested orthotics, Birkenstocks, and biking instead of running. He was adament that I stop running! I've had injuries in the past (like the achilles tendonitis in the same leg), and as soon as I return to my running routine I felt better - after taking some time off to try the doctor prescribed remedies (such as rest, stretching, etc.)

I would hope that being in better shape would enable us to recover more quickly! I'm going to check out the runnersworld site. I'm in tears over the thought of giving up running, and your message gave me some hope!