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Doctors visit

Posted by Bev N on 2/13/03 at 09:00 (109013)

Goodmorning, I need to vent for a minute. I went to my GP yesterday after having gone to 2 pods and a neuro and had a zillion tests and all done. I have learned more from this board then the doctors know. They do not know much about how to treat this, in fact the doctor was shocked to find out that there was even any info on PF on the internet. I told him of this board , and he acted as if we are all hypochondriacs(had to look that word up to spell it). Anyway he told me to try staying off my feet another 3 months and do what I told him I was doing, stretching and icing and all,and to take Motrin 800mg. three times a day. In a month I am to start taking Neurontin 100 mg. three times a day if the Motrin is not helping.Then to come back and see him in 3 months. He was really nice and all, however he acts as if he dosen't really believe anyone can have this much pain. I guess without blood and guts, it is hard to believe there can be pain. He does not believe in ESWT, he said it has not been proven that it does any good . Anyway, that was my day yesterday. Thanks for 'listening'. I am so thankful I have all of you out there in PF land. Bev

Re: Doctors visit

Suzanne D on 2/13/03 at 11:23 (109049)

It's frustrating enough to have pain - even more so to not be taken seriously about it!

I'm sorry and hope you can get some relief soon!

Suzanne :-)

Re: Doctors visit

Necee on 2/13/03 at 12:01 (109058)

For a Dr to not know theres information on the web about PF is unreal!
He must be living in a cave somewhere. If I were you, I'd go to another Dr. Read all you can on this website, and ask questions. You'll probably get better advice and treatment here than wasting your time and money with him.
Good luck, and keep in touch.

Happy trails...


Re: Doctors visit

Julie on 2/13/03 at 16:47 (109083)

Bev, your GP can't really be blamed for not knowing much about PF. He's a GP, not a foot specialist, and he knows a little bit about a lot of things. But it does sound as if yours doesn't know even a little,

What about the podiatrists you saw? What tests did they do? Were you examined while you walk? And has either of them prescribed a comprehensive treatment programme?

You shouldn't put up with being told to rest and take pills - more is needed.

Re: Doctors visit

Bev N on 2/14/03 at 05:57 (109121)

Julie, Yes I did have very comprehensive treatments and I saw 2 pods and a neuro. After all the nerve conduction tests he said 'she MAY have a case of plantar fasciitis'. MAY, Heck, all of this pain and by all I've learned on this board, I surely do know what I have. My pods did say I have PF but they just all said rest and meds too and ice and stretching. None of them believe in ESWT. My neuro said that all the testing he did showed no large nerve damage ,however there could be smaller nerve damage that the tests did not pick up.They watched me walk and did MRI, Bone scan, US,and they did show damage to the facia.My 2 pods I went to said that there is no more they can do for me and to follow up with my GP. In 3 months of more resting, if there is not any improvement, he said there is another pod he will send me to in Petoskey, I already went to one in Traverse City and one here. Some days it feels as if someone is holding a match to my feet,as they burn so badly, and after I've been on them a short time, I have a lot of pain. I wear New Balance with orthotics that were specially made for me, or my birks around the house. I wear night splints to bed, and camboots out if I have to go anywhere I have to walk, as I can only walk a short time in the New Balance then I start hurting a lot.The camboots feel good on as they keep feet in alignment and I have them padded with sheepskin like material that my daughter found for me at wallymart. So , this is were I stand(HAHA) for now. I REALLY appreciate all of your help and concern on this board, you are my life line,, everyone is so kind and so helpful! Thankyou. Bev

Re: Doctors visit

Julie on 2/14/03 at 11:02 (109140)

Hi Bev

I can't help wishing you could see one of the doctors who post here! Where do you live? (Where is Petoskey?)