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Posted by Necee on 2/13/03 at 12:59 (109069)

As I'm sitting at my computer I'm listening to the radio, its tuned to a talk show and they are talking about travel and places to go, things to see. I've traveled a lot around the US, but never to Glacier National Park, or Alaska. Have any of you been to those places? If so enlighten me.
I'd love to go sometime. I saw on PBS last week a show about the train that goes through Alaska, can't remember the name, but it was beautiful.
It's not the best time to be thinking about travel, but since they were talking about it on the radio, I just thought I'd post this question.

Also I'd love to see New England in the Fall, we've been as far as upstate New York, but never to Vermont....any suggestions. I like to plan ahead!
Happy trails.....


Re: **Travel**

JudyS on 2/13/03 at 13:46 (109073)

Necee - I've traveled in Alaska and loved it. We spent a couple of weeks on the Kenai penninsula and another week near Anchorage and Denali. We did ride the train from Anchorage to Denali - a very beautiful trip.
But I think the highlight of our trip was camping out on the ferry that crosses Prince William Sound. It was so beautiful words cannot describe.

Re: **Travel**

JudyS on 2/13/03 at 13:49 (109074)

Speaking of travel - I'd love some advice here if you all don't mind...
I'm flying to Michigan next Friday (Detroit airport), then joining my sis on a flight to Baltimore where she has a conference. We'll visit DC, then train up to NYC for a few days.
I'm normally a pretty decisive person but, frankly, I'm not certain that I should go through with this trip right now.

Re: **Travel**

Carole C in NOLA on 2/13/03 at 14:01 (109075)

If you are thinking of altering your plans due to the high alert (orange), I wouldn't!

I don't underestimate Al Quaida one bit, but I seriously doubt that they are going to strike at a time and place that we are all expecting. In my opinion you would be very unlikely to have trouble there. You might even be safer than you otherwise would have been.

I've been wrong before, but that is what I would do. I'd just go ahead with the trip.

Carole C

Re: **Travel**

Necee on 2/13/03 at 16:35 (109081)

I agree with Carole, go ahead with your plans Judy, and enjoy yourself. Don't let this threat of terrorism run your life.
Happy trails.....


Re: **Travel**

Julie on 2/13/03 at 16:56 (109084)

Necee, I spent a week camping with a friend in Glacier National Park in 1956. I loved it - it was my favourite of all the national parks we visited that summer. I don't suppose it has changed much, and I'm sure you would love it too.

And New England in the Fall is wonderful also. But you should ask again when Nancy, who lives in Maine, is back!