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Ibuprofen gel

Posted by Kathy K on 2/13/03 at 19:59 (109106)

Has anyone ordered the Ibuprofen gel from the web site under 'products for sale'? Just wondering if its worth the ordering.

Re: Ibuprofen gel

Mar on 2/14/03 at 06:55 (109122)

Several people have gotten relief from it on this board. I unfortunately was not one of them, but it's worth a try. Mar

Re: Ibuprofen gel

Pauline on 2/15/03 at 13:48 (109276)

Personally I don't think you will benefit from this product because it doesn't penetrate deep enough for PF. If you need something for a muscle ache then try it, but you'll get best results if you wash the area, apply heat to open the pores, rub on the gel, wrap it in plastic wrap and apply moist heat with a moist heating pad.

This is about the best you can do at home. Your doctor can actually RX a stronger NSAD cream, but it must be compounded at a pharmacy that still does its own compounding. This is by far a stronger product, but still will not help PF, however it's great for muscle aches and pains. Unfortunately these pharmacy's are sometimes hard to find today. Kind of a lost art.

Re: Ibuprofen gel

AndrueC on 2/15/03 at 13:58 (109281)

Some of us have had benefit from the gel. I alternate between a week of pills and a week of the gel (in order to give my stomach a rest) and the ony difference is that the gel wears off a bit earlier. A single pill will last four hours (longer if preceded by another pill). The gel rarely lasts more than three hours.

I think the gel enters the blood stream because a month ago I had bitten the inside of my cheek and found that the pain was reduced by the gel. That also helped show the different duration of the gel since after lunch I took a pill for comparison.

Re: Ibuprofen gel

Kathy K on 2/15/03 at 19:29 (109322)

Thats for all the info...its so nice to have this site....
I have been wearing the Naot shoes...and it has helped...haven't gotten into the Birkenstock's yet....they thought...I should work up to the higher arch shoe!

Re: Ibuprofen gel

IanJ on 2/21/03 at 19:30 (110242)

I haven't tried it but got ALOT of relief from contrast bathing.

Here's how:

Two basins of water, one lukewarm, one very icecold. I bought some rubbermaid containers from Target.

The lukewarm water should not be hotter than 95 degrees F. For the icecold water I use a tray of icecubes and fill the basin with cold water. The colder the better. I was using two bucketfulls of ice at a hotel I was staying and that was great but hard to keep the feet in it for 1 full minute.

It's 3 minutes warm, 1 minute cold, 4x for a total of 16 minutes, finishing with cold. I try to do it everynight, 2x on weekend days.