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Painful foot

Posted by Donna Z. on 2/14/03 at 16:21 (109188)

2 1/2 years ago I had surgery for a bunion. It was very painful afterwards. That next fall Dr. thought I had a nerumo on top of the same foot (MRI showed something)and had that operated on. No neuroma so we took out the screw for the bunion. Foot continued to be very painful on the top of my foot and ankle. Last summer was told I had TTS and nerve damage to the top of my foot. Sept. came and had the TT released and the nerve cut to the top of my foot. Still cannot put pressure on my foot. November I was told I had pf. I have been in pt since December, cannot do any land exercises all in the pool. I have also had coritsone injections (very painful), a night splint and even a TEN's unit. Does anyone have any suggestions? It has been 2 1/2 years since I have walked without a limp and at least less pain.

Thank you for your time
Donna Z.

Re: Painful foot

Jamie Gentili on 2/17/03 at 03:53 (109437)

My daughter is 12 years old and started complaining about the bottom of her foot. I took her to a orthopedic and he put her on advil. She was put on crutches and I was taping her foot to support her arch. She can not put any weight on her foot and it is swollen w/inflammation. She has most of her pain starting from her big toe to the middle of her arch. It has been a month now and still no better. She is taking Tylenol w/codiene which has helped w/pain. I stopped tapeing the foot because she developed a dry rash from the silk wrap I used to protect her skin from the sports tape. We finally had a MRI and haven't gotten the results back yet. Could you help us? Have you ever come across anything like this in children? She is active and has been in soccer, dance and basketball for years. No past breaks or fractures. No illnesses. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks Jamie

Re: Painful foot

Mar on 2/17/03 at 11:54 (109472)

Donna -

So I am not the only one with problems from bunion surgery! I wish I could help you. My surgery was almost 2 years ago and I have not been without pain since, and things have only gotten worse. It sounds like the repeated surgeries were not helpful. Hopefully the docs will have some suggestions for you, as you seem to have multiple problems. Good luck -- Mar