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Had my surgery.

Posted by Margie C. on 2/15/03 at 16:13 (109298)

Well, I went through with the surgery. I did have some complications (hemorrhage and hematoma) but they weren't serious. I am not in much pain yet, but my doc promises that will change. He numbed me up pretty good and said that it would last for a few days. He even called me today to check up on how I was doing.

It turned out that my ligament was what was compressing my tarsal nerve. He said it's pretty rare for that to be the cause of TTS. But he was able to completely decompress my nerve and he expects me to have a new foot once I'm healed. I'm doing my best to stay off my foot but I had no idea how difficult it would be to hold all of my wieght on my other leg. I just don't have the strength to use the crutches. I'm really lucky I have a wheelchair. I'm just now getting transfers down to where I can do them without help.

I will keep you informed of my progress (or lack thereof). I appreciate all that you have told me and I hope I give some of you some hope that surgery isn't always the wrong road to take.

Thanks for being there.

Re: Had my surgery.

Julie on 2/16/03 at 03:02 (109342)

Margie, thanks for your report, and all the very very best wishes for your healing. Take care!

Re: Had my surgery.

Marty on 2/16/03 at 16:07 (109410)

Marige hey thanks for thinking to post your progress. I go in wed. for mine and I do hope the doctors tell me that he found somthing that was causing the problems.


Re: Had my surgery.

Margie C. on 2/16/03 at 22:41 (109433)

It's been 2 and a half days since my surgery. I am in more and more pain because all that lidocaine is wearing off. I paged my doc today and asked him how important it was to remain non-weight-bearing. He told me it wouldn't hurt the nerves to bear weight, but it could easily rip out my stitches. I needed to hear that because I was putting more and more weight on my foot and now I know that I just CAN'T do that. I am taking my percocet every 4 hours around the clock. If I miss it by even an hour, I feel the consequences-- and they're not fun. But all in all I am doing well and I'm glad I had the surgery. I just wish I could go outside and enjoy all of this beautiful snow!!! The weatherman says this is the biggest snowstorm in Columbus, Ohio history. And I'm stuck inside nursing my poor wittle foot. :-)


Re: precautions

Marty on 2/17/03 at 10:51 (109461)

Hang in there and if you want you can come here, Utah and get all the snow you can stand when your foot is all better. Try to stay of it as much as you can. My doctor told me 3 weeks non-weight bearing and others here are told 6 weeks. This could just be to ensure the stitches and things don't go array. Doctors are so afraid of getting sued these days that they really are cautious. Are you icing and elevating your foot? Make sure you keep the pain under control.

Keep us posted on how your doing.

Best wishes God Bless,


Re: Had my surgery.

Donna H on 2/17/03 at 16:11 (109524)

Glad to see you came thru the surgery OK. Its a brave thing to do to have the surgery. I am supposed to have my surgery Monday afternoon (2/24), but am getting more & more chicken. I know in the long run you will have that 'new foot' you were promised. Maybe when I get my new foot, we can race those Boston Marathoners. Ok - how 'bout the annual baby crawling contestants? Donna H.

Re: Had my surgery.

Jessie W. on 3/03/03 at 14:06 (111608)

Margie, Thanks for your post. I hope your healing is coming along nicely. I'm considering the surgery in the next few weeks and your input was helpful to me. What ligament was causing the pressure of the nerve? I'm frustrated as I don't know what is causing the nerve entrapment and I don't know if the surgery will cure my problem or not. Take care!