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compact nightsplint

Posted by Brian McC on 2/16/03 at 05:42 (109348)

I wear a nightsplint every night but will be travelling soon and won't have room for my bulky splint. Does anyone know where I can obtain a compact device which I can use whilst travelling ?

Re: compact nightsplint

Jim C. on 2/16/03 at 10:27 (109370)


Re: compact nightsplint

john h on 2/16/03 at 10:44 (109372)

Scott sells a foldup night splint on this board. check out his products. I use it all the time and it is comfortable to sleep in and does the job.

Re: compact nightsplint

IanJ on 2/18/03 at 16:02 (109713)

I agree, the sock is, by far, the lightest and smallest for travelling.

Re: compact nightsplint

Brian McC on 2/18/03 at 17:41 (109722)

Thanks guys, I've ordered a Strassburg sock.