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Q on Orthotics

Posted by EKC on 2/17/03 at 07:08 (109438)

I had some recently custom made by a very reputable Pedorthist.
They felt so good for about 2 weeks, and then wham! They felt
like crap. I just figured my PF was just particularly bad
for a week or two. 6 weeks later, I'm still waiting for my
feet to come around.

Do you think I need to re-try breaking them (my feet) in?
Do you think I need to have the orthotics 'adjusted'?

It feels like my arches are pressing on small hills.

Re: Q on Orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 2/17/03 at 08:30 (109444)

I have seen this before, so do not think this is very weird. I would suggest going back to the pedorthist and tell him/her what is going on.