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TTS-need some info

Posted by Sherrie on 2/17/03 at 09:26 (109447)

Hi,Just wondering what the best type of shoes to wear for tts? I have custom made orthotics but they really hurt the outside of my ankle and the tops of my feet. I have heard to get birkenstocks. I went to their website and saw a shoe called orthopeadic- wondering if anyone has tried them or just get regular birks ( the deep heal cup is what I need correct?)Are the birkies good for around the house? Please let me know what you think is best. Thankx, Oh does anyone know a good doc in Md. who deals with tts? Sherrie

Re: TTS-need some info

Marty on 2/17/03 at 10:55 (109463)


I'm not sure what shoe to get for tts (I wear New Balance) but if you haven't make sure you post this in 'Inserts/Orthodics/shoes board'

Good Luck


Re: TTS-need some info

marie e on 2/17/03 at 11:48 (109471)

I found this board last fall. After lirking for awhile I began to post. I was introduced to birkenstock through this board. I now own 4 pairs What a difference in my calves and ankles. I am not saying the birks alone made a difference but I will never wear any other shoe. I have a pair of superbirkies, loafers and annapolis along with a walking shoe. Wouldn't be without them. The company was very good about returns, excellent service.


Re: TTS-need some info

Lara T on 2/17/03 at 23:27 (109619)

I went to a shoe store run by a perdothist (ones who make orthotics), told him my problems, and the Dansko clog was recommended. Did the same thing for my daughter (who has feet problems) and now I send my son & husband (who don't have feet problems) for the best shoes for their feet. You might try and find a shoe store in your area run by a perdothis. My impression is most communities have such a stores. While they cater to people with feet problems, the school selection includes sneakers (but only the good ones), boots, etc. as well as custom-made shoes and such.