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I'm wondering about Foot-Zone-Ology

Posted by Alicia F. on 2/17/03 at 19:41 (109563)

Hi, I am actually wondering if anyone on this web site can tell me anything about Foot-Zone-Ology or where to find a website that will tell me more about it? Thank you!

Re: I'm wondering about Foot-Zone-Ology

Suzanne D on 2/17/03 at 22:22 (109600)

Out of curiosity, I typed in a search for Foot-Zone-Ology with no results. Then I typed just Foot-Zone and came up with the site:


The introductory paragraph says this:

What is Foot Zone Therapy?

It is an alternative therapy based on anatomy, physiology, and pathology, which helps normalize body functions. It brings a homeo-dynamic balance to the client by stimulating the activity in different zones of the body.

It then goes on to discuss this therapy. Could this be what you're looking for?

Suzanne :-)

Re: Try this link instead...

Suzanne D on 2/17/03 at 22:24 (109601)


Re: I'm wondering about Foot-Zone-Ology

Julie on 2/18/03 at 03:21 (109630)

This sounds from what you say, Suzanne, like reflexology (I haven't followed the link yet though). If it is, a search on reflexology should yield a great deal of information: it is a long-established therapy.