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Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 12:54 (109675)

I just thought I'd inform you northerners that SPRING IS HERE!! It is still chilly in the mornings, but plants are beginning to bud out. Remember those 40+ banana trees that I mercilessly chopped off a while back? They have little sprouts about 1-6' long coming out of the center of each stump. One tiny leaf is even beginning to unfold.

I heard a bird chirping this morning, too.

Carole C


Nancy N on 2/18/03 at 13:09 (109682)

Carole, you'd be hard-pressed to convince me that spring is here, after I just extracted my car from the iceberg that formed around it over the past few days! We got aout 20 inches here, and I did have to get the shovel out just to move enough snow to get my car door opened (it was a really strange sight, because when I opened it, the snow came up just to the bottom of the door, almost like the ground had risen to meet the bottom of the car!). We're supposed to warm up quite a lot here by the weekend, though, with temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s, which will be quite welcome after the temps we've had since the beginning of the year, even if the snow melts so fast that we end up with some flooding.

But I have to say, I'm glad to hear that it's spring somewhere. I can't wait to see the blossoms on the trees and smell that wonderful scent of spring in the air. And I'm glad to hear that your banana trees are showing signs of life, too!


Bev N on 2/18/03 at 13:16 (109686)

Oh, WOW, sounds just wonderful to us all in SNOW land. Can't wait for spring. Hope I can do some planting outside with my sore feet, we will have to see. You enjoy those budding plants and chirping birds for us, okay Carole ? Bev


Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 13:41 (109692)

Brrrr!! It's coming, Nancy! Really it is. Winter is beating you up pretty badly up there, but pretty soon it will have to give up, and the birdies that are chirping in our trees will flutter up north and chirp in yours too. This week with weather in the upper 50's may give you a good start.

I was sure glad that my banana trees aren't all dead. My yard looked like a banana graveyard up until this week. I had dozens and dozens of banana stumps about 2-3 feet high all over the yard, looking dead and awful, and not much else to hide them. However, I am much encouraged now and they look like they are actually going to grow. :)

Carole C


Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 13:47 (109693)

Maybe once spring comes, you can sit on a mat or something and cultivate and plant in one small part of the garden at a time. Annuals might be a lot of fun to try. It would probably help if you have a wagon or something (or someone? maybe a husband or helpful friend?) to help you get things out to the 'target area' in your garden.

I will definitely enjoy this new springtime, and I hope it lasts! I am still clearing away dead things from the last hard freeze, and finishing pruning everything. Once that is done, and Mardi Gras is over, I'll know that spring is here to stay and I'll be bringing home annuals and other plants, and potted plants too.

There's a tree just outside the window here, and I can definitely see some new, tiny, still-folded-up leaves on it that just came out today.

Carole C

Re: P.S.... Wendy please forgive this post!! LOL

Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 13:49 (109694)

Wendy, I remember last year when spring didn't get to you until around June or so. So, please forgive the misinformation about spring coming to you shortly. It will be a while. But it will come eventually!

Carole C

Re: Spring is sure sounding good to me!

Kathy G on 2/18/03 at 14:26 (109698)

We got 24' of snow on top of the 19 we already had on the ground. It's very dismal out and they say we're going to get another 3-5'. I love snow but enough is enough! I'm figuring my husband will get to play golf by the first of July, at this rate!

My biggest fear is the snowbanks. They are so high that it is impossible to see when you back out of your driveway or pull out on to a street. The state highway department is pretty good about cutting down the banks on the highways but it takes the town, with limited personnel and funds, much longer to do it.

And my poor holly bush has about 6 feet of snow on top of it! I'm not exaggerating. I took a picture to send to my sister. It's too big for us to have covered it for the winter so I'm just hoping that the old adage about the snow protecting is true.

So keep telling us about your spring weather, Carole, because it gives us something to look forward to! We thought we were having a heatwave today because it reached 22 degrees! Which it is, compared to the below zero and single digit readings we've been having.

I have to go buy some birdseed. We don't use our birdfeeder up any more but one lonely little robin has returned and the poor thing has nothing to eat!


Nancy N on 2/18/03 at 14:31 (109699)

You know, you've reminded me how much I love to watch the trees and flowers blossom each spring. Maybe when I can get out of my house again, I'll go find some seeds to plant out on my porch for the spring. Then I just have to wait to be able to actually see my porch again and I can plant them!


Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 14:54 (109703)

Between now and the time when you can see your porch, can you start them in pots in the window? That might give them a head start and besides, it would probably be a whole lot more fun than digging your car out of the snow every day.

I know what you mean about wanting to see things blossom and bloom again! I can't wait until I am sure it won't freeze any more. Right now, I'm hesitant to plant anything outside because I'm not sure. This winter has been pretty rugged, even here (for a winter in New Orleans, anyway).

Carole C

Re: Spring is sure sounding good to me!

Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 15:06 (109708)

Oh my, Kathy! I agree, enough snow is enough, and you've had way more than that. I'm surprised that your holly bush has not broken from the weight of all that snow.

It's in the 60's here today, and lovely. It feels warmer because the sun is shining and there is no wind. My grass is starting to grow, but so are the weeds so pretty soon I will have to start mowing. Some early spring plants are starting to flower. I hope they are not too early. It would be a shame if these baby flowers froze.

My tree in the back yard had some sort of red flowers all over it last weekend though I haven't looked at it since then. I am still trying to identify it but I'm still mystified, and it doesn't match any of the photos in my two large, expensive new books on Louisiana gardening. It's probably so common they didn't include it. LOL

I bought a rake, and I need to rake the back yard and tidy up back there. The winter rains and freezes have left it sort of messy looking. Once I have it raked, and mowed, and everything pruned and tidied up that needs to be, I'll be happier with it. The vine along the chain link fence on the side of my house is very green and growing vigorously. I need to prune it back now because when it gets too thick, I can't park my car there and still have room to get out easily. Weight Watchers might help with that problem too. LOL

I want to set up my birdfeeder too, and get a birdbath, but probably I won't be able to get that done until later in the spring.

Carole C


Suzanne D on 2/18/03 at 15:14 (109709)

That's good, Carole! I'm glad you heard birds chirping and see some new life in your banana trees. It's amazing how nature rejuvinates itself, isn't it?

Today we have reached a little above freezing temperatures, and the 1/2' to 3/4' of ice under the inch or so of snow is starting to thaw. Our tree limbs are still coated and hanging low, but I can look out the window and see them dripping. It is actually supposed to get a little warmer through the night, so we surely will be back in school tomorrow.

I am looking forward to spring, except for the fact that the more I think of spring, the more I realize my daughter's April 5th wedding is almost here! I am happy for her, I've had a year and a half to be 'ready' since the engagement, I really approve of her fiance, etc., etc. I can tell myself all the 'right' things, but since January, it has begun to 'get to me'. My younger daughter said to me today, 'I just realized last night the fact that before long she'll NEVER live here again!'

We got used to her being at college, but that was always until the next vacation - or until summer. This is permanent. And it is good, and I am proud of her. It is just permanent, and I am her mother, and it still hurts.

Well, thanks for letting me get that out!

A day of sunshine sometime soon will probably cheer me! Or getting back with my first graders. It's hard to not be cheery with them around!

Suzanne :-)

Re: birds gotta fly... :)

Carole C in NOLA on 2/18/03 at 15:33 (109711)

Suzanne, she will always be your baby bird. She's just leaving the nest and I know that's hard! But now is the time when all your hard work pays off. She is spreading her wings and flying. Now is the time when you can really appreciate the beautiful and accomplished daughter that you have raised.

You can definitely be proud that she is independant and not living at home and mooching off you until she's 40 or 50! Some parents I know have that problem and I am thankful every day that my daughter, like yours, is making her own way in the world and taking some initiative. I feel like I've raised someone who is, in her own way, a good and positive addition to the world, and the world is a better place because she's out there in it.

I wonder if your first graders remember springtime! It probably seems a hundred years ago, to them. I will always remember an ice storm in St. Louis when I was not much older than them. It was the kind of weather when all the branches of the trees were coated with clear, glistening ice, and to me it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Carole C

Re: birds gotta fly... :)

Suzanne D on 2/18/03 at 16:34 (109718)

Good points, Carole! Thank you!

Yes, to my first graders, spring probably seems a very long time ago. Hopefully, we will get our playground equipment moved from the old school with some new additions, and then when it is nice weather, they will have a place to play.

You've jogged my memory with your story of the ice storm to a time when I was a little girl, near Christmas. It snowed, and Mama was afraid to drive to town (almost a mile). She needed to get some shopping done, and Daddy was sleeping as he had worked the night shift. So she put her boots on and walked to town. I remember looking out the window and thinking she was really 'tough' to do that. :-)

Thanks again! I'll view the birds overhead with even more significance this year!

Suzanne :-)


Leon S. on 2/18/03 at 20:03 (109750)

Nancy, you're right. With the amount of snow on the lawn, we'll be lucky to see the grass until May.

Re: Carole

wendyn on 2/18/03 at 20:17 (109752)

Nope - no spring here yet for a while. We've had a VERY mild winter with very little snow...but it's supposed to get cold and snowy this weekend. Last year it was like this up to about March - then we were hammered for 3 months.

Usually I start looking for spring around April. Sometimes it's there.


Nancy N on 2/18/03 at 20:37 (109757)


We got 20 inches here--how about you? I took my first foray out tonight in order to treat myself to pizza, and was surprised at how clear the roads where. Some of the side streets are a bit dicey, and reduced from two lanes down to one to accommodate all the plowing. But otherwise, looking good. It's supposed to warm up a lot over the next few days, into the upper 40s/low 50s by the weekend, with rain as well, so it may melt pretty quickly. Not that melting quickly would necessarily be a good thing, since I know some people around here are worried about flooding.

Oh well, I just keep thinking spring has to be on its way!

Re: Oh No!...... Not so Fast!

Necee on 2/19/03 at 01:09 (109775)

Now I love Springtime, but after Spring comes those long HOT Summer months!
We've had a very mild winter here, no sign of prolonged freezing temperatures, or snow. I'm still wishing!!!!!

Happy trails...


Re: Oh No!...... Not so Fast!

Carole C in NOLA on 2/19/03 at 06:51 (109781)

I remember those long hot Texas summers from my years in College Station, Necee! The worst part was that it didn't rain all summer and there was nothing to break the heat. Here's wishing you a LONG spring before summer gets started!

Carole C

Re: Suzanne

Kathy G on 2/19/03 at 08:19 (109786)

Are your daughter and her husband going to live a long distance from where you are?

It's so ironic. As your children get older, you realize that you have done your best to raise them so that they will leave and live on their own. I have a couple of friends who had a very hard time when their children left for college and a few years later, are still having difficulty.

When my son went away to school, I thought I was prepared and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so surprised at myself! It took me a while to adjust but I guess I thought I was immune to human emotion or something. When his sister left, seven years later, it wasn't as hard because I had so prepared myself.

Now they're both very independent and I'm so proud of them. When my son gets married in September, I doubt it'll be hard as he has lived away from home for such a long time. However, I know I'll cry at his wedding. I, who seldom cry, cry at everyone's wedding. Heck, there can be a wedding on TV and it makes me cry! Isn't that funny?

Re: Suzanne

Suzanne D on 2/19/03 at 16:58 (109877)

Thanks, Kathy. Like you, I seldom cry (at least in public), and I also thought I was prepared for this. My husband has been like fathers in t.v. movies ever since our daughter became engaged a year and a half ago. So I guess I tried to be the calm, rational one who smooths everything over and keep everyone happy. Now I guess I'm finding that I have feelings that I'm just now recognizing! Thanks for understanding and caring.

My daughter and her husband will live about an hour away - which I know is not far, all things considered.

And, yes, I am proud of her and happy for the good things that are happening in her life right now!

Suzanne :-)