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RSDS I need advice!!!

Posted by Rae S. on 2/18/03 at 18:43 (109734)

I just had an appointment at our pain clinic today. I thought they would be able to help me with my chronic foot pain but the Dr. told me he didn't know much about heel problems. The chiropractors I have seen, think this looks like chronic achilles tendonitis but the podiatrist that I saw and the orthopedic surgeon didn't agree with that diagnosis. The Dr. at pain clinic today thought I displayed some symptoms of REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY SYNDROME. I am currently experiencing dibilitating back pain and I need to get that under control before they can do the injections in the spine to rule out RSDS. What else may look like RSDS? Would any forms of arthritis have similar symptoms? I am hoping we can rule some things out before I have to do diagnostic testing. If any of you could provide me with some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to share any information you give me with my nurse practitioner so she may be better able to help me. I have schedueled an appointment with her tomorrow.

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Dr. Z on 2/18/03 at 19:37 (109743)

Get a diagnosis. Early treatment is very important to avoid sucessful treatment. The longer you go without treatment the harder to diagnosis.
A comparative x-ray to compare boney structure may help out. I have diagnosed RSD this way before. A bone scan could also help

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Bev N on 2/18/03 at 19:43 (109744)

Rae S., What symptoms do you have that the doctor would think you have RSDS ? Bev

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Rae S. on 2/18/03 at 21:00 (109761)

Well I get a terrible burning sensation on bottom of foot and even up into tendon. I also have tingling sensation but not like pins and needles it's like a dead feeling. My feet are always extremely cold even if they feel like they are hot, and they can get very blue. I also can sometimes get shooting pains and a deep aching. Sometimes just my pants brushing the back of my heel is really painful. It seems like lately I get almost mild cramps in my foot as well and a weak sensation. I hope the treatments I've been getting through chiropractor wouldn't make this any worse. I posted not long ago about Graston Technique. The X-RAYS that I've had over the past year are all negative.

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/18/03 at 23:10 (109771)


The symptoms you have described are suggestive of RSDS. Definitely follow through with the advice of the doc at the pain clinic.

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Pam B on 2/19/03 at 10:49 (109818)

Dont put this off.......it is so important to catch this early......I have it and can tell you, I wish my first doc would have thought of my symptoms sooner as from what I can read the success rate of treatment is best in state one......and remember, no two people usually suffer the same symptoms, so what one patient may have, the next one may not.....not all people develop the same symptoms.....so if you suspect this, find pain management center that will treat this agressively.......good luck to you

Re: RSDS I need advice!!!

Rae S. on 2/20/03 at 10:59 (110022)

Thank you for the responses. They are going to do a sympathetic nerve block to see if that relieves the symptoms. That is the way this particular clinic tests for it. I don't know if that is standard procedure or not. I have done a little reading on it and not everyone agrees on how fast the phases progress some say the first phase last for 3-6 months but some say 1-2 years. If I do have it I will probably have more questions. Would a nerve entrapment look anything like these symptoms?