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we are the world

Posted by nancy s. on 2/19/03 at 12:36 (109841)

the world really is now one big community, and we have to behave as a community if humanity is even to survive. one or two or three countries, right or wrong, cannot afford to act as vigilantes, which only furthers fear, hostility, and terrorism around the globe. if the positive connections that do exist between countries become unraveled, we're on the road to world war three -- and in this nuclear age, no one will survive world war three. for this reason, war is, to put it mildly, outmoded. we cannot afford NOT to find other ways to resolve conflicts and remove dangerous dictators.

there appears to be a total lack of interest, on the part of the entire current administration, in exploring alternatives to war and in helping to foster and maintain a true world community. the only solution is to send our children over to iraq to kill their children? just as one example, how about giving our every support to islamic moderates (there are many millions), who are just as horrified at what islamic fundamentalist terrorists do in their name as we and the rest of the world are? instead we've starved them for the past twelve years.

some name-calling took place here while i've been away. but this is just a message board where usually online friends try to help online friends. name-calling in the middle of a heated discussion is unfortunate, but it happens, and it's not a global problem and probably will fade away soon. what won't fade away soon is the results of the unnecessary and destructive name-calling done by our president ('axis of evil,' etc.) and the highly emotional and irrational attitude behind it, which the whole world is now aware of and not happy about. last weekend's millions of protestors were not fringe radicals. they were people of all ages, all walks of life, all political leanings, all religious affiliations. they were your neighbors, our neighbors. and the bush administration is not interested and not listening. it does not think creatively. it doesn't seem to want to think at all but simply to react. it brings that image of krushchev pounding his fists on the table to my mind.

i never thought i'd say this, but we and the rest of the world were better off during the cold war. the next hot war ultimately will be the end of us. i hope i'm wrong about that, since i see little hope that this administration will back off from its war eagerness; i'll be thrilled if i'm wrong.

'god bless america' always makes me wince now, because we are already very blessed and rightly grateful for it. now how about everyone else? most people in other parts of the world, including the ones waiting for our bombs to fall, have hopes and dreams for themselves, their families, and their neighbors just as we do. we are citizens not only of a country but of the whole world. just once i'd like to see a sign that says 'god bless the world.' and in our leaders, i'd like to see some sign of that crucial vision, because i think it's that vision that could help lead the world community to a place where we can deal with conflicts and dictators without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Re: we are the world

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/19/03 at 22:29 (109943)


I think that every reasonable person is appalled at the horrors of war and would like nothing more than to avoid it. The area of differing perceptions lies in considering the alternatives and what constitutes justification to go to war. Lets reframe things for just a minute to look at history --the wars that have been fought -- why they were fought, were they justified and did the outcomes change the world for the better or not.

I invite anyone to open the discussion (and please keep it a discussion, not an argument). The idea is to try to contrast and compare this issue from a historical context and understand people's philosophies. Lets keep the current conflict out of this for now.