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New taping method?

Posted by BrianJ on 2/20/03 at 11:12 (110026)

I have developed a new taping method, called the 'Stirrup Method,' that seems to work better for me than low-dye or any of the others. It is as follows:

Take a strong, wide strip of tape (I use duct tape) about 20 inches long. Start on the pad of the foot just behind the pinky toe, and proceed diagonally toward the back of the arch (invert the foot slightly to get the right tension). Then, continue up over the medial malleolus, and wrap the remainder around the back of the lower calf. This provides a 'stirrup' effect that gives excellent support upon dorsiflexion.

Perhaps this method has already been described by someone in the past, so I'm not trying to take any credit. I just want other people to try it and see if it helps them.

Re: New taping method?

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/20/03 at 15:11 (110071)


That is a good technique because it slows internal rotation of the tibia. The foot pronates as a response to that internal rotation.

The low dye taping is the most common method. I often will add that type of stirrup to a low dye when additional control is needed. There are a lot of variations on this theme.

Re: New taping method?

john h on 2/21/03 at 09:11 (110160)

Brian you are blowing me away with your techno speak 'medial malleolus'? You have been reading to much or listen to close to Dr Z and Dr. Ed. I use such terms as heel, bottom of foot, great toe,and even arch. I bet you watch C Span.

Re: New taping method?

BrianJ on 2/21/03 at 09:47 (110165)

John --

Hey, I'm not the one with the 'Infrared' heating pad! By the way, how's that working for you?

Re: New taping method?

dave r on 2/21/03 at 15:33 (110197)

John, you are hilarious. I thought the same thing!

Re: New taping method?

dave r on 2/21/03 at 15:35 (110199)

You guys are to much!
hey Brian, how is you foot feeling these days?
John, have you hsd any improvement since your last eswt?

Re: New taping method?

BrianJ on 2/21/03 at 15:50 (110201)

Dave --

My surgical foot is still slightly worse than before the surgery. However, my non-surgical foot is also slightly worse, so I'd have to say that the surgery has had no effect either way.

Hopefully, you will lead the way for all of us in terms of surgical improvement.

Re: New taping method?

Leon S. on 2/21/03 at 16:44 (110210)

Hey guys, pardon my ignorance but what is the 'medial malleolus'? By the way, I sometimes watch CSPAN and never heard them use that expression. Would that be more commonly used on the republican, democrat or independent line?

Re: New taping method?

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/21/03 at 19:34 (110244)


The medial malleolus is the larger of the two ankle bones on the inside of the ankle. Hey, keep backing me up on the social board; we have to get the liberals to keep their facts straight.

Re: New taping method?

dave r on 2/22/03 at 09:23 (110293)

Yeah that would be nice. i am hopeful thats for sure. Ya know i bought some arch straps a few months ago. I was finally able to stop taping my left foot three weeks ago. i am using this strap and it works pretty good..I dont need to worry about re taping through the day or if the tape is going to stick to my foot. It also helps with that wrinkled up sock feeling that i would get.

Re: New taping method?

Leon S. on 2/22/03 at 16:35 (110404)

I heard that....