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Continued Heel Pain and PF

Posted by Lisa L on 2/20/03 at 14:32 (110067)

I have been diagnosed with PF in both feet, along with heel spurs and arthritis. I saw a podiatrist who prescribed Celebrx, icing and orthotics. I have been using the orthotics for approx. one month with some relief. However, I still have lots of heel pain and have found that the medication just upsets my stomach and does not help my foot.

How long should I stick with this treatment plan? What are my options? I am in pain and very frustrated. I used to be an avid walker and now can't even to the mall with my kids. Any suggestions?

Re: Continued Heel Pain and PF

Dr. Z on 2/20/03 at 17:15 (110105)

How about one local steriod injection. Taping, physical therapy . Some form of stretching for starters. How long have you had the entire pf/heel spur pain?

Re: Continued Heel Pain and PF

Lisa L on 2/25/03 at 14:36 (110717)

Thanks for your suggestions. I had a local steriod injection and it did no good at all. I have had the pain for at least six months. I am now wearing orthotics and taking Celebrex for the inflammation. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can't put any pressure on my foot at all and it keeps me awake at night too.