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Complicated Case Update

Posted by SteveWG on 2/20/03 at 17:48 (110117)

I just returned from the pain management specialist. He ruled out my back and RSD as a source of pain. He did give me 20 mg of Bextra to take twice daily for ten days then once per day thereafter. Said he would send over his findings to my podiatrist.

One aspect I failed to mention in my previous post was that I have had some relief with the use of Dr. Scholl's silicon heel cup in conjunction with my Spenco type ortho. I began using those before I received my custom orthotics and they did provide relief. Began using them again after my first try with the custom ortho's which helped out once again. Phased the heel cup out beginning of this year, tried to use the custom orthotics again beginning this month, then the neuropathy symptoms once again appeared in force.

Yesterday I wore my shoes untied and had quite a bit of relief from the 'sandpaper / burning' sensations. Today I tied my shoes and used the heel cups with some success.

I can rotate my foot and bend my toes without discomfort. Is it possible to perform an exam for a neuroma and not get a response? I know that both my podiatrist and physical therapist have checked for this. Of course I'm not trained, but I cannot elicit any pain by squeezing my toes together. Still have no heel pain, I can press deeply all along the bottom of both feet without pain. Had no foot problems until I changed cycling shoes.

I'm sure I'll have a return trip to my podiatrist next week. Any other thoughts or questions would certainly be welcome. Thank you so much.


Re: Complicated Case Update

Rae S. on 2/20/03 at 20:20 (110141)


How did they rule out the RSD?

Re: Complicated Case Update

SteveWG on 2/20/03 at 21:32 (110144)

Well, from what I gather, he based his conclusion on physical examination, my history, and his questions. He asked if my feet were sensitive to touch such as putting on socks or to the weight of bed sheets. Asked if my pain had spread to other areas. Was concerned about color change, texture of skin and sensations of drastic temperature change. I never asked him specifically why he did not feel it was RSD. I've been aware of RSD but I cannot say that I have been too concerned about it and that is probably why I did not question him further.
I have faith in my podiatrist but apparently I've stumped him a bit. Dr. Z mentioned neuromas so on my next trip I'm going to go over that possibility a bit more directly. I do have an appointment with a foot and ankle orthopedist next week in Ft. Worth.
Hope that helps or if you have more questions, feel free to ask.