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Posted by Bob R on 2/21/03 at 10:13 (110166)

Nancy: What would be your plan to depose Saddam?

Re: ED

nancy s. on 2/21/03 at 11:23 (110170)

i already stated one, bob: to throw all our support to those moderate muslims who want as safe a world as we do, which i believe we should have started doing long ago. we obviously have the power to do it -- but apparently not the will, for reasons i won't repeat; others have stated those reasons better than i could at the moment, plus it would be redundant.

numerous other alternatives have been outlined in articles whose links were posted here over the past week. if you haven't tried to read them and take them in, i suggest that be your next step . . . if you're truly interested.


Re: ED

Jim C. on 2/21/03 at 18:51 (110238)


Right now saddam is very much contained. And with inspectors having the teeth 150,000 of soldiers surrounding his country, I very much doubt he will be misbehaving anytime soon. I suspect the real strategy is to twist saddam's arm so far up behind his back that he eventualy cries uncle.

What scares me more than saddam is the vulnerability of our borders. Right now you can ship anything into this country from any where in the world and nobody has a clue to what's in the freight. What's to stop a madman from simply using a company like UPS and mailing a nuke or other WMD directly into Washigton DC? I just don't think enough attention is being paid to this area. Money was proposed for just this very issue but was voted out by congress, and that just baffles me to no end.

Jim C.

Re: ED

john h on 2/21/03 at 21:47 (110260)

Of course you are correct Jim. Our borders can are crossed by thousands of illegals each and every day. It is estimated that 1 million illegals enter this country each year. This week Mexico arrested 5 people from the middle east trying to cross. They are held and being questioned. Millions of ship containers enter and we are unable to inspect no more than 1%. A briefcase nuclear bomb was shown on tv this week. A typical mans briefcase which can generate the power of half the size of the bomb dropped on Hiromisha. Ten of these suitcases bombs were manufactured in Russia and are unaccounted for. I do not know that we will ever be able to inspect every ship container or stop all illegals at the borders so we better be stopping them at the source where ever that takes us. We do not want the so called 'smoking gun' to go off in NYC on some sunny day. Yes Iraq is very much contained today. I feel comfortable in my lifetime due to my age even if we let Saddam continue but I do not feel comfortable for the young people that will eventually have to face this guy when he is armed to the teeth and has the will and capability to pass these devices on to suicide terriorist. Our show of power is producing results. If we had not threatened war there would be no inspectors in Iraq. Saddam is now letting the U-2's fly over.He said (for what ever that is worth) that he has ordered that no one can now import bio or nuclear material into Iraq. Today he said he wants to talk to the U.S,. whatever that means. He and people like him respect one thing only and that is superior force. If a war is to be prevented it will not be because of demonstrations it will be because there are 200,000 Americans and Brits on his border that will bring him down in short order. He understands that. The only reason Israel survies is through superior power and the will to use it.There is a word 'realpolitic' which means politics based on factual and material factors rather than on ethical and theoritical objectives. This word seems to define the differences between our current policy towards Iraq and those who would differ..