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Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Posted by Jerry F on 2/21/03 at 12:00 (110173)

Today will mark my 3rd week since the treatment and I must report that the heel is still sore and the pain is mild. I wrapped the heel this morning and am pleasantly surprised at the comfort that this simple task has caused. I wear orthics and also ordered a new pair of New Balance since the ones I currently are wearing are starting to break down. My pain has always been in the heel not the arch of my foot.

I have not put the foot to the true test and that is playing a round of golf. Oddly enough, the only time I experienced real pain was either standing for a long period of time like at a sporting event as a spectator or playing golf which requires the transfer of weight to my left heel when I swing. I normally run 20 miles a week and while running experienced very little pain only after the run did the pain appear. I do not want to give up running or golf but will continue to wait at least another 2-3 weeks and in the meantime continue to do machine type weights and stationary biking.

I though earlier this week the pain was coming back but apparently it was short lived. I am cautionously optimistic and will continue to report the facts on my left heel spur/PF.

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 2/21/03 at 12:01 (110174)

That should have read right heel. I do have PF on my left foot but the orthics work 100%.

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Molly on 2/21/03 at 13:51 (110181)

Jerry: I'm on almost the exact timeline as you are. I had ESWT done on January 30 and was put completly out also, using the Ossatran machine in Toronto. My soreness comes and goes, yesterday it felt pretty good, today I'm back to being sore. It tends to alternate. Maybe it's all part of the healing process? Seems to be every other day or there abouts. They tell me 3 months too and it's only been 3 weeks so I guess we have to be patient. I've been in pain for 5 years.

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 2/21/03 at 16:33 (110206)

I had mine done on the Jan 31 so yes we are on the same timeline. I plan to do a weekly update and think you should consider the same so we can compare. The pain is off and on and today I bought a heating pad for use in the evening to help the blood flow.

Good luck!

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

SteveG on 2/22/03 at 18:30 (110410)

Jerry - Responding to your last note on your previous thread - if this does not work (and you are early in the process) the second treatment is usually given at a significant discount, and many people respond to the second treatment even though the first one did not seem to help. If you are thinking that you would go for surgery rather than try ESWT the 2nd time, you should read the following thread on 'lateral column pain' - a possible complication from the surgery -


Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 2/22/03 at 23:32 (110446)

Thanks for the read!

I know I am not near as bad in pain as a lot of people that post on these boards. I was looking for a miracle and not sure if I have found it or not, that is all. We will know in time.

Re: To Jerry: No anti-inflamatories?

Molly on 2/23/03 at 21:15 (110556)

Jerry: Yes, I think it would be a great idea for you and me to compare results over the next few months. Were you told to not take any inflamatories for 12 weeks? I can only take Tylenol. I hadn't heard this anywhere before. Good luck to you too!

Re: To Jerry: No anti-inflamatories?

Jerry F on 2/25/03 at 19:45 (110764)

I was told not to take any inflamatories for 12 weeks and was given a 2 week supply of Etodolac 500mg with the instructions of 2 pills daily.

Today my heel feels like it has been stung by a bee or hornet, a mild burning type feeling nothing like the pain I had with the PF. I have yet to really test the foot because I can tell it is not ready for a test. My ankle sometimes hurts and I wonder if the Ossatron caused that. I feel rather good that this might work but only time will tell.

Good luck Molly, glad to have someone I can compare with. :)

Re: To Jerry: No anti-inflamatories?

ROSEMARY m on 2/25/03 at 20:31 (110771)


Re: To Jerry: No anti-inflamatories?

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/26/03 at 15:56 (110889)


No anti-inflammatory use is commonly advised after ESWT. There is no research on this matter as far as I know. The theory is that one does not want to limit inflammation caused by ESWT.

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

lois b on 2/27/03 at 20:31 (111078)

i am thinkging about having the ossatron treatmetn on my left foot. i have had the pain for 3 years. do you feel it has helped you in anyway?
just had another shot tuesday. i can't take it anymore.
thanks lois

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Jerry F on 2/27/03 at 20:48 (111079)


I think it has or it might be I am no longer running or standing on my feet for long periods of time. Something is going on but I am not sure. The foot hurts and then quits and the pain has been mild at best nothing like PF more a burning sensation in my heel.

The foot is still tender and I can tell I should not test it. I will know for sure in 8-12 weeks.

As of today, I would recommend the treatment.

Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

joanne c. on 4/02/08 at 17:41 (245429)

i am having ossatron treatment on friday on both heels.how did you make out after 12 week period?


Re: Progress report 3rd week after Ossatron Treatment

Rene on 4/11/09 at 02:45 (256813)

2007 Mar, I had it done and the ossatron was unsucessful. I understand there's a 80% sucess rate, guess I was in the 20% failure rate. I had absolutley not improvment. I received steriod shots again, and this time they help somewhat. Don't know what to do next. I just want to run again but my feet say NOOOOO. Any suggestions?