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Lump on Achillies tendon and side of heel.

Posted by MP on 2/22/03 at 11:05 (110311)

I have had a lump on my achillies tendon (about the size of my thumb nail) for about a month now and i have put corn removers on it when i skate so it doesn't hurt. I have just gotten another lump on the side of my heel on the other foot that doesn't hurt but it worries me. What could it be and what should i do about it?

Re: Lump on Achillies tendon and side of heel.

Dr. Z on 2/22/03 at 18:08 (110408)

I doubt this is a corn or even a wart. Get to a doctor now before you have more lumps

Re: Lump on Achillies tendon and side of heel.

Kathi E. on 2/22/03 at 21:55 (110430)

I also have developed a round looking lump on the backside of my left heel outerside. It will burn in the achillies tendon if I try to stretch my foot in the flex position. When I first get up to walk it takes many many steps before I can start to walk with out a limp as it feels like I am pulling this area and I'll have a slight burn. The lump is hard like bone, but is also becoming a little tender to the touch.I took full notice of it 3 weeks ago, before I noticed lump, I was experiencing burn in the achilles tendon. Is this a bone spur, and my main question is do I see a orthopedic Dr or will a foot and pain Dr do as well. I mess up all my shoes in the heel area first,( both left and right shoes ) I will cave in the heels before any other part of my shoe gets old from wear.My job requires lots of walking and standing. I was overweight but I have lost the weight and still find myself busting the inside heel area of shoes.

Re: Lump on Achillies tendon and side of heel.

Dr. Z on 2/23/03 at 15:34 (110528)

Most podiatrist should be able to help you with your problem. If there is a foot and ankle orthopedic surgery in your areas that is a good choice