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The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Posted by marie e on 2/22/03 at 22:51 (110444)

I heard the first Robins of spring yesterday. I went outside and sure enough there were two in a tree. Of course they're freezing their little bird feathers off as we're in the midst of a winter storm. Hurray the first sign that winter is on its way out.

Has anyone else up north had any interesting bird sightings yet?

We get bald eagles around the lakes in the spring. Then they head up north to Michigan and Canada.

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Carole C in NOLA on 2/22/03 at 23:46 (110448)

See? It's coming!!! Spring is on its way. :)

Carole C

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

wendyn on 2/23/03 at 08:42 (110455)

Where do you live Marie?

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

marie e on 2/23/03 at 09:08 (110456)

I live in northeast Indiana. We have 101 natural lakes in our county. That is why the eagles visit us in the fall and spring. I have been fortunate enough to see one flying over the lake near our cabin. Our cabin is about 8 miles from our home. That may seem crazy to have two places but we live in a 100 year old 4 story victorian mansion downtown on a major interstate. My husband is a photographer and graphic artist. His business is housed in about a third of the house. The top floor isn't used...it's a large walk in attic. The cabin is our get away and because my husband works all kinds of hours so we decided to find a place close. In about 15 minutes we're on vacation.

thanks for asking

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

wendyn on 2/23/03 at 09:57 (110461)

Indiana is beautiful Marie - I've been there a couple times. You certainly see spring much earlier than we do!

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Carole C in NOLA on 2/23/03 at 11:54 (110479)

Marie, that doesn't sound crazy at all! It sounds like a wonderful life. I think that living in a 100 year old 4 story Victorian mansion would be splendid for a couple or family who would and could keep it up and restore it and so on. Living in a house that was built back when houses were built to last and to be beautiful, would be thoroughly rewarding.

It's great that you have a getaway cabin on the lake, too, for getting back to nature and getting away from stress now and then. Since it is nearby, you can vacation for very little.

Many people in Louisiana, from well-to-do down to lower middle class, have a second house out in the countryside, often on a lake or bayou. They are supposedly for hunting and fishing, and such a place is called a 'camp' but can range from a shack to something splendid and spacious. These camps are often shared with other family members not unlike a time share sort of thing, and are passed down from generation to generation.

The camp is not only a nearby vacation/weekend getaway, but also a place of refuge if one is unexpectedly without shelter for some reason, and a guest house. People not only fish and hunt at their camps, but have wild parties with cousins by the dozens out on the swamp where nobody will hear it.

I've only lived in Louisiana for seven years but aspects of the local culture, like this, continue to fascinate me.

Carole C

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Kathy G on 2/23/03 at 14:35 (110499)


It sounds like you have the best of both worlds! Here in NH, we call a vacation getaway, 'camp', too, which I've never been able to figure out. As Carole said, some of these camps are gorgeous mansions!

My husband's family had one on a lake and when his parents died, his sister inherited it. She is very generous and we all get to use it, and it's delightful. It would be great if it was closer, like yours. It takes us at least 45 minutes to get there.

I'm glad your birds are back! I saw a robin two weeks ago but that is early for them and I only saw one; usually they appear in pairs. I am fearful that this one was confused. We've had three snowstorms since then and I hope it's getting enough food. I keep forgetting to buy some birdseed. I will have to make a point of it tomorrow.

Spring is indeed, coming! Thank Heavens!!!

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Carole C in NOLA on 2/23/03 at 14:42 (110502)

That is so interesting! I thought having a 'camp' was a Louisiana phenomenon, but maybe this is more widespread than I knew. I think it's a really great concept.

If I were you I'd still go to your camp. 45 minutes is not bad. :)

Carole C

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Kathy G on 2/23/03 at 14:43 (110505)

Oh, we do, believe me. We love it!

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Suzanne D on 2/23/03 at 15:08 (110515)

Here in the 'sticks', if someone talks of going to a camp, it's really going camping - with a camper or tent out in the woods or at a campsite!

I don't know anyone who has a vacation get-away, I don't believe. I've heard of people having some cabins down by the lake where they go fishing.

I think I need to get out more! Sometimes I feel like I camp-out in my schoolroom; does that count? :-)

Suzanne :-)

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Kathy G on 2/24/03 at 09:40 (110579)


You certainly don't need to get out more! You're one of the wisest people I know! It's interesting how different areas use different terms. When I lived right on a lake in CT, none of the summer people called their summer houses, 'camp', so I thought it was a NH idiom. As to not knowing people who have summer places, it sounds as though the area in which you live is so beautiful, you folks wouldn't need one!

Re: The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!!

Suzanne D on 2/24/03 at 15:14 (110621)

Thanks for your sweet reply, Kathy. I don't feel wise at all, but you are kind to say that.

Yes, our area of the country is pretty. Thank you. We are in a rather poor, rural area, but we aren't too far from bigger places with many opportunities. I enjoy teaching the children in this area, because they HAVEN'T had many experiences, and it feels good to offer them more of the world - even if it is mainly through books! And, of course, money isn't the best thing in life, and many other things are much more long-lasting.

Today we worked hard at school, and I tested several of the children as part of our reading program. I was so proud of one very quiet little boy. He probably only spoke last year when spoken to, and it was hard to even get a response from him. Today, after another year of working with him and help through special ed, he passed several sections of the test and did better than I had even hoped. I bragged and bragged on him, and he just beamed. He still doesn't say much, but he sure was happy.

Well...how did I get off on that? :-)