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Nerve blocks?

Posted by Ricky J. on 2/24/03 at 08:36 (110577)

I have had three lumbar sympathic nerve blocks in four days. I have went through the weekend with out one. I am schedule for another one at 3 pm today. The doc proposed that I recieve a nerve block every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My feet feel really good for about 10 or so hours after the shot in the back. The pain will eventually return, but not as bad as before I started these shots. If I walk for any length of time my feet will flare up like before the shots. My doc wants me to keep taking these shots to keep the pain under control. I was wondering if anyone else is taking nerve blocks, and if it is helping them? I really don't know what I going to do. I live about 100 miles from my doc. I am missing alot of work, and time at home. I just don't know how I am going to keep this up for any amount of time. My doc told me that it could be up to a year and a half, or even two years before I am healed. I still need to have the other foot operated on. What am I to do?

Re: Nerve blocks?

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/24/03 at 14:21 (110609)

Lumbar sympathetic blocs are the main treatment for CRPS type 1 or RSDS.
It is probably best to continue with them as long as you are seeing improvement.

While no one really knows what causes RSDS, patients who have had it are more likely to get it again with further surgery. The doc performing surgery on the other foot needs to be aware of your history so steps can be taken to reduce the risk of the second procedure.

Re: Nerve blocks?

Marty on 2/24/03 at 15:32 (110626)

Oh wow good call doc. From what I've read about CRPS and RSDS and from Ricky's post I think your on to something.

Ricky ask you doctor if he thinks you have one of these conditions.

Re: Nerve blocks?

Ricky J. on 2/25/03 at 07:45 (110671)

I talked with the doctor giving me the shots yesterday, he said that he was treating me for RSDS. He said for me to get any benifits out of these nerve blocks I have to continue them. I am suppossed to set up an appointment the minute I start feeling any severe pain. I went ahead and scheduled another nerve block for Wednesday.

Re: Nerve blocks?

Laurie R on 2/26/03 at 11:07 (110839)

Hi Ricky , I have had 11 SNB so far. I also have RSD ... I had surgery last May for TTS and PF ..... I did great after surgery .. My RSD did not get any worse from having the surgery ... It is a long story I don't want to repeat it here. If I can help you in any way , PLEASE email me .....(email removed) ... RSD is the worse , I am in pain all the time.. I had my last block done On Jan 3nd 2003 ..... They help , but of course they don't last long . I am also on a lot of meds..... I want off the meds.... But that is a whole other story also .

Please if I can help you in any way , I am only just an email away ...

Good luck on your block today , Laurie R