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Foot and nail fungus

Posted by Claude A. Brown on 2/24/03 at 16:27 (110630)

I have very bad feet, callouses, corns and foot fungus on some of my toes.
I also have nail fungus growth on my toenails.

I am on medi-cal, and no one seems to have an answer except for buying the prescription drugs, which medi-cal does not cover. Can you suggest anything that will help, because my feet really really hurt at times

Re: Foot and nail fungus

Dr. Z on 2/24/03 at 22:09 (110649)

If you have chronic thick fungus toe nail, then lamisil is the best bet.
Yes it is a prescription but the only thing that will address this painful, ulgy nail condition. I always thought that medicaid covered lamisil. There is another new prescription medication called carmol 40% urea gel. This is less expensive and will improve your toe nail. Maybe someone could loan you the money for this medication .It is probaby around twenty to thirty dollars for the medication