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medial pf and tts release

Posted by Marty on 2/25/03 at 15:50 (110726)

Hi Doctors if I may impose to ask a few questions concerning my surgery. I just had TTS and medial PF release all went great but I was just wondering.

First: How long does it take for the tendon to grow back together?

Second: How long does it take for the fascia to reattach to the heal.

Third: Pod told me to work on getting my foot seated all the way down in my boot, Is this to make the fascia extend and thus making it longer thru the healing process?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge,


Re: medial pf and tts release

Dr. Z on 2/25/03 at 20:33 (110772)

good questions. It can take six months for the areas to heal or what you call re-attached. Keeping the foot and ankle at a 90 degree position which all the way down in the boot rests the foot and is much more comfortable for walking. Can it make the fascia longer. not really. But it is the most comfortable and best position for walking

Re: medial pf and tts release

Marty on 2/25/03 at 22:16 (110784)

Hmmmmmm goes to show how much I know about all this. LOL I thought the fascia was like say you're fingernails and that once cut it just grew back out, but if I'm getting this right the body just produces the needed material in the area that it's missing. Kind of like a scab and this process takes up to six months. At least this is my uneducated guess. But hey some of us have to be the garbage collectors right. Why are we instructed 'no weight bearing' for an amount of time when in fact the fascia has not healed at that point anyway. What happens if weight is applies to early?

Thanks for your reply,


Ps. Just kidding I'm a programmer but I feel pretty aahhh dumb around so many knowledgeable people such as yourself Dr Z. ;-)