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Question for John H

Posted by BrianJ on 2/25/03 at 16:57 (110740)

John --

Please let us know if the infrared heating mat has helped you at all. Thanks.

Re: Question for John H

Dominique Mathis on 2/25/03 at 16:57 (110741)

What does a neurologist do?

Re: Question for John H

BGCPed on 2/28/03 at 07:05 (111128)

They specialize in testing and diagnosing nerve related problems. Some symptoms can be caused by different things that sometimescan be confused. An example could be that a person has numbness in the toes or ball of foot. It could be something as simple as shoes that are too tight. If you tried proper shoes and it continued the foot Dr may do some tests of their own.

If they didnt find anything they may send them to a Neurologist. That would do some tests, usually with a device that tests the function of certain nerves. It is kind of like an electrician testing wires in your house. The Neuro may find a condition called Neuropathy to be the cause of the numbness and tingle feeling

Hope that helps