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ESWT w/ Ossatron Treatment Tomorrow

Posted by Scott Reeves on 2/27/03 at 10:21 (110980)

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know I am having ESWT done on my RIGHT foot tomorrow. Insurance did not pay/approve, but the Doctor gave me a great deal. Note: I live in southern CA (Orange County).

Had PF release and tarsal tunnel release done on my LEFT foot two years ago. During that time (on crutches) I think the problems started in my right foot.

I have pain in both feet now, but the right one is worse. I feel the surgery on the left took care of part of the problem, but it feels like more nerve problems than it does the PF.

I have had many tests done, PT, and other non-invasive treatments for my feet and none have really worked. I wear orthotics full-time. I have not run in over six months and it's tough because I love to exercise - miss doing my triathlons, hiking, etc.

So I will keep all of you posted on my progress. I am going to take this as slowly as possible while being very disciplined with my rehab.

Blast away Doc, I'm ready. Just wake me when it's over.

- scott

Re: ESWT w/ Ossatron Treatment Tomorrow

Rose M on 2/27/03 at 11:12 (110985)

Good luck on your treatment, I am also having treatment done (this time on my right foot). Two weeks ago I had the left foot done, and I did feel some improvement. However, due to the restriction in taking Vioxx, my right foot became so inflamed that I began putting pressure on my left (treated foot) and ended up in being off my feet for this past week. Does this ever end?? Although my doctor has not restricted my activity and I continued to work after the last ESWT, I can't help but wonder if I stay off of my feet for the next few weeks, if the overall response to these treatments would be better. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. What exactly do you plan to do this time regarding your rehab.? I will be sending you positive thoughts as they put the IV into my arm. Good luck!

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Rose.M on 2/28/03 at 14:26 (111184)

Hi, how did it go today? I also had the treatment done today, this time on my right foot. It would be interesting to compare notes. This foot was definately different from the first treatment for the other foot two weeks ago. This time my foot is swollen, red and it is difficult to walk on it, even though I still feel the pins and needles from the anesthetic.
Like you, I also loved to exercise and now I am happy to be able to walk from my car to my office. Anyway, I am trying to remain positive and I am determined to do anything that will help my recovery. Wishing you the best, Rosemary

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Jerry F on 2/28/03 at 15:48 (111191)

Good luck to both of you.

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Scott Reeves on 3/01/03 at 12:14 (111274)

Hi Rosemary,

Well, I am still here if that's a start. The treatment/procedure was so much different than the surgery I had on my left foot two years ago.

I actually walked out of the wheelchair and into the car! Comparing it to invasive surgery, I feel like I am at the four-week point in terms of being able to get around. I know I have a long way to go though.

I was sedated and I woke up towards the end of the treatment. Very loud machine and I could feel the soundwaves in my foot - it didn't hurt thanks to the drugs, but I could definitely feel it.

My foot was numb and asleep for most of the day yesterday. Feeling came back late last night. My heel is very sore, but I can walk - although I am not trying to walk at all. I was prescribed pain medication and took one before bed to help me sleep.

Only taking them if it gets really bad since I am not into taking medication unless I really feel I need to.

Only time will tell for the both of us. I hope everything goes well for you. How are you doing and what is your current status?

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

BrianG on 3/01/03 at 17:28 (111320)

Hi Scott,

Just a little info on your pain meds. For whatever reason, it seems like you do not want to take any, unless absolutely necessary. Thats fine, if you don't have too much pain. If you do have pain, it's best to take your meds on a regular schedule, so that you'll keep the medication in your system. A nice, steady, even dose, is always better than taking one or two, now and then, trying to bring the pain down. It' much harder to bring the pain down, than it is to keep it down by takin the meds as scheduled.

Just something to think about. Hopefully you'll have a high tollerance to pain, and won't need any!

Good luck

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Rose.M on 3/02/03 at 09:38 (111360)

Hi Scott,
Amazing how one feels those sound waves. isn't it? This foot feels a little different than the left one which was done FEb. 14. That foot, however, was part of an FDA study and I am now wondering if I were part of the placebo group and never really received the treatment. I was convinced I had gotten it because of the way the sound waves felt - Oh well, I will find out in ten weeks if that were the case.
How much activity do you plan on doing the first week? Are you working or taking some time off? Even though I was told to return to normal activity, I can't help but wonder if giving the foot a moderate rest would be better. I do sit at work, but driving and walking to and from the parking lot has been a strain. Hard to believe that last year I was running, doing yoga and weight training five days a week.
It is good to be going through this with someone. Keep positive.
Believe in Raiki? I will send you positive energy. Rosemary

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 09:58 (111362)


You have to give it time. rest is important. By the way do you know how many shockwave you were given and what the power setting was on the Big O

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Scott Reeves on 3/02/03 at 11:25 (111386)

Hi Rosemary,

I am doing fine. My foot is sore, but it is nothing compared to what I went through with the surgery on the left foot. Again, being able to walk right away is awesome. I hope it works.

Since I had the surgery done on a Friday, I am taking it easy this weekend and plan to go to work on Monday. I sit most of the time, so it should not be too bad. I'll take the pain pills with me.

I am hoping I can get rid of the pain in my right foot (ESWT) and then deal with this left one again (previous PF Release and Nerve entrapment) - which I think is more nerve-related once again.

Thanks for the positive energy. I will do the same for you.

- scott

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Scott Reeves on 3/02/03 at 11:26 (111387)

Dr. Z.,

I have an appt. Monday afternoon (March 3). Will find out more at that time. Thanks.

Re: Advice wanted

Kathie C. on 3/02/03 at 12:38 (111417)

I've had heel pain for almost a year now. As a result, a stress fracture developed and I spent about 10 weeks wearing a boot. That is healed but the pain from the heel spur is not. I've had cortisone shots, have Dr. Scholl's inserts in my shoes, wear New Balance tennis shoes at all times, and take Naproxen daily. I now have to make a decision to get orthotics ($320, not covered by my insurance), ESWT (about $1500, not covered by my insurance) or surgery. I'm willing to try anything but don't want to waste money on methods that don't work. Sounds like some of you use orthotics but still have had to take other measures. I'm a teacher and am on my feet all day. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated!

Re: Advice wanted

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 13:40 (111432)

This decision depends on the severity of your condition and the physical evaluation. Orthosis shouldn't be just dispensed due to hey lets try this bofore this and that. Plantar fasciitis is a very precise evaluation with every case being different. If you have severe pronation or some type of other biomechanical problem and taping the foot back into correct alignement does help then orthosis are the way to go . In my opinion if there isn't any severe biomechancal defect then ESWT is the way to go if you meet the proper indication which are obtained with an indept history and physical examination. As for heel spur/plantar fascia surgery well foot surgery has some potential serious complications.and you need to try to avoid this. ESWT is the other to avoid this.

Re: ESWT , answering your quest. Dr. Z

Rose.M on 3/02/03 at 14:09 (111436)

I feel like I should know these answers, I am getting quite an education on this site. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but during the procedure, and bear in mind under some anesthesia, I think I heard my doctor say he was giving 500 shockwaves in one area and 500 in another. Does this make sense or was I dreaming? As far as the power setting, I have no idea.

Re: ESWT , answering your quest. Dr. Z

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 15:07 (111448)

Not sure myself

Re: ESWT , how did your treatment go today?

Tom D on 3/02/03 at 16:38 (111464)

Hi Scott, my name is Tom and I have never written anything on the net before. It's amazing what pain will do to you. I have been through it all with my left foot....shots to surgery. It' worse! I just heard about E S W T and my hopes are up again.I've read the comments by you and others and will follow along. Any thoughts or advice ? Good luck and thanks.

Re: Advice wanted

Sherry on 3/02/03 at 19:52 (111497)

I am a vetran to heel pain I have been doing this for 4 years now I am scheduled for a ESWT in 2 weeks I have been out lots and lots of money on orthitics , orhto docs, padiotrist, surgery, cast, steriod inj. 20 of them,
nerve blocks 3 of them, steriods by mouth wich i have gained about 25 pouds due to the steriods, physical therapy, inserts, 5 different types of shoes, NOTHING has worked I am in doubts of the ESWT but have no choice but to give it a shot I am only 36 years old and can barely support my weight on my right foot..hang in there I'll let ya know how it goes..

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Sherry on 3/02/03 at 20:53 (111519)

Is Anthesis needed for ESWT??

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 21:02 (111521)

We use a local anesthetic with the dornier. In the patient that is nervous we use oral sedation

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Sherry on 3/02/03 at 21:13 (111522)

Where are you located
Do you know Dr. A and should I trust him? Not rather or not he will heal me or heel me ( just a joke) but as a Dr.?? I am more nervous that i dont know him more than any thing else thanks for your help

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

john h on 3/03/03 at 11:17 (111591)

I still think if you believe a shot will hurt it will hurt. Shots to my foot prior to ESWT were really not painful at all. Shots into the fascia were moderately painful but over in a second. Of course as recent studies incicate some people have genes that make them more suspectable to pain.

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Dr. A on 3/03/03 at 22:43 (111678)

Sherry, you can see a video, hear testimonials, and read patient questionairres at podiatryinfo.com. As far as ESWT goes, I have performed about 60 procedures using dornier epos ultra. My success rate is around 80%. would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Sherry on 3/04/03 at 17:06 (111793)

Dr. A
Your nurse is suppose to ask you if I can take my valium the morning I am scheduled I am very very aprehansive not of your abilities but I dont know you and fear needles to no end...however the lady that I talked to on the phone said they are no worse than the steriod shots or the nerve blocks and I have had 20 of those so I am sure I can handle the shot..just really scrared >S> but am looking forward to meeting you on the 15 at 8:00 am


Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Dr. A on 3/04/03 at 18:38 (111802)

Do not be concerned about the local anesthesia. If you have had 20 injections, you are a pro with needles and this will be a breeze. 20 sounds pretty high number to me. If the first 19 did not have long-term succes, then why would the 20th do the job?

I will take my time and make sure that this is not a bad experience for you. You can bring the valium, but do not take it untill I see you.

I was looking over your records today, did you ever have the nerve conduction test performed?

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Sherry on 3/04/03 at 19:13 (111808)

No I didnt by that time I had went to see the other doc.I knew that the test was going to be painful and expensive but when I seen Dr. Ngyen he seen no need to have it done ..by the time I had made the appointment with the new doc and had my sergery the nerve appt. was still 2 weeks away couldnt wait that long (so I thought) still in pain guess the wait wouldnt have made a diff.
I agree with the shots..but to there defense the first about the first year the shots did help but after that they didnt ..that is why I kept searching for a new doc ..I knew they were grasping at straws and didnt know how to help me..yet another reason I thought the nerve thing was unecessary got to the point has no idea if I knew they were trying to help or just prevail or just get me out of there office (lol) not really laughing just kinda trying to get through this*S*

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Sherry on 3/04/03 at 19:19 (111810)

sorry to bother you again but in one of your post you told me not to take my valium until you seen me.?? Am I having the proceedure that day or is this going to be an initial consutation?? I really would like to know.
FYI..just so you know Dr. Ngyen is the one that prescribed the valium for the spasms in my foot?? Thought that to be a bit weird but what do I know I'm not a doc and I hang'n on by a thread here*sigh*
hey do you have a sense of humor?? I ask cause I am known as a character by my own rights but if you are a serious person I wont come in and annoy you *S*

Re: Advice wanted Antesia

Dr. A on 3/04/03 at 19:33 (111812)

I will make sure that ESWT is a viable option for you before performing the procedure. To answer you question, consultation and procedure will be done same day unless I don't think the procedure will help you.

I believe that my personality is layed-back. After meeting me, I hope that you will see that I am genuinely committed to curing your pain.

The most important point I want to make is that a Dr. can make recommendations, but it is ultimately you who makes the final decision regarding your care.


Sherry on 3/04/03 at 19:42 (111813)

Thanks a mint just the bit we have emailed you have subsided my anguish a bit I always have anxiety just my nature
Am so looking forward to meeting you I want to look like John the guy in the pic standin next you (STANDING) with a great big smile *BG*
If you need any other info here is my number
501 679 5481<--home -->cell 1501 269 5484
email (email removed)