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Neuroma injections

Posted by John A on 2/27/03 at 17:55 (111045)

I asked about the alcohol injections for a neuroma a while back. Thanks to everyone who responded. Had the first one four days ago--top of my foot about two inches all aroung the injection site is bruised, itchy and then red outside the bruising. Whole thing hurts like the devil. Is this a normal response?? Are all 7 going to be like this?

Re: Neuroma injections

Dr Z on 2/27/03 at 18:55 (111061)

Maybe an allergic reaction going on. Can't remember the last time the patient gave this experience. Do they use the marcaine or the lidocaine mixture. I switch to the lidocaine due too much pain

Re: Neuroma injections

John A on 2/27/03 at 20:54 (111082)

I think it was marcaine, isn't that supposed to last longer? I'll ask the doctor what he uses next time. Are you saying lidocaine won't hurt as much. Can't believe I'm such a whimp!

Re: Neuroma injections

Dr Z on 2/27/03 at 21:20 (111091)

I use to use the marcaine with epi. It hurts like hell. So I switch to the original formual which is lidocaine. I like it better. That just my opinion

Re: Neuroma injections

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/01/03 at 12:23 (111282)

Dr. Z:
I go in with lidocaine first, allow some numbing to occur, switch syringes on the needle with a hemostat and then place the marcaine solution in -- just a way to try to get the best of both worlds.

Re: Neuroma injections

Dr Z on 3/01/03 at 15:37 (111315)

I will try it. Thanks