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Question for Carole C in NOLA

Posted by JoAnn on 2/27/03 at 23:05 (111107)

Can you please tell me about the SAS free time shoes, I am thinking of getting a pair. Do they run true to size, have a large toe box and are they really comfortable? I also need to know if they are 'Slip resistant'. What is the difference in the 'time out shoes' (or are those mens?) Thanks

Re: Question for Carole C in NOLA

Carole C in NOLA on 2/28/03 at 07:44 (111132)

I suppose they do run true to size. However, since you have to buy them in person it doesn't really matter; you will be fitted with the size that fits your feet. They have a reasonably large toe box, and they are really comfortable. They are about as slip resistant as a good athletic shoe I suppose. SAS shoes are very popular among nurses, who often need slip resistant footwear.

I own both SAS Free Time and SAS Time Out. Time out is the men's shoe, and it has more room in the toe box than the Free Time. My C.Ped fit me with very large soft custom orthotics and wanted to interface them with the Time Out, I suppose because they have more room in them than the Free Time. The Free Time has enough room for orthotics, but my orthotics were unusually thick and I have wide feet, so she seemed to want the extra space in the Time Out. She referred to the Time Out as a unisex shoe but I was never happy with it because it looks like a men's shoe to me.

At any rate, the only way to get SAS shoes is to go to a shoe store that carries them, or to a SAS shoe store. SAS does not allow any sales or advertising of their shoes to be done online. If you look in your yellow pages or in the Yahoo yellow pages, maybe you will find a SAS shoe store near you. Then if you go there, you can see and try on both styles. :)

Otherwise, to find them you can probably find them by goind to stores that advertise shoes for diabetics or orthopedic shoes, and ask whether or not they carry SAS. Lots of diabetics wear SAS shoes too.

Carole C