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Back of the Heel Spurs and Golf

Posted by Steve S on 2/28/03 at 17:42 (111205)


I have heel spurs on the back of my ankles(not the bottom of the heel)roughly one inch above the base and I am considering looking at golf shoes that would alleviate aggevation and provide comfort while golfing. I was considering things like golf sandals, golf boots, etc. Can you please give me your advice on what you think would be the best type of shoe. I appreciate your assistance in advance!!!!


Re: Back of the Heel Spurs and Golf

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/28/03 at 21:13 (111227)


If the problem is at the back of your heel, that is something that can be related to a tight achilles tendon or too much side to side motion of your heel bone. A combination of motion control and some lift may be helpful. The best way to test that idea is to obtain a good motion control running shoe like the New Balance 1122 or the Brooks Beast. If that does not help, then seek professional help.