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Student Appreciation Week was a hit!

Posted by marie on 3/01/03 at 08:58 (111254)

I thought I'd share something we did last week with our students. During one of meetings the HS staff was brainstorming some ideas to foster a positive attitude amongst our staff and students. We have all heard of teacher appreciation day but the question of 'when and how do we show appreciation to our students' came up. From there we came up with student appreciation week. We had an assembly the Friday before to talk to the kids about the week. Each day we planned a small token of appreciation. Monday-a pen that said Thank You was given to each kid, Tuesday-Teachers gave kids a personl note of appreciation, Wednesday- No homework day and an evening of fun events, Thursday- Each teacher brought a treat and Friday-We served the kids ice cream at lunch. I can't begin to tell you what a great week it was...most (there are always of few negative kids in the group) were very apprecative and touched.

These are the top ten reasons why we appreciate our students. The teachers put these together and the list was read to the students during the assembly. Alittle humor goes a long way.

10. We appreciate all of the greetings we receive when we walk down the hall...like 'Good Morning'.

9. We appreciate it when you point out our fashion flaws. We need all the help we can get.

8. We appreciate all our students because without you we wouldn't have jobs.

7. We appreciate you kids because if you weren't here we'd have to teach at that other school. (our competitor)

6. We appreciate the fact that you taught us how to use our computers.

5. We appreciate the fact that you taught us how to fix our computers.

4. We appreciate how you keep us abreast of current music trends.

3. We appreciate the fact that you will provide us with social security income.

2. We appreciate the many lifelong freindships that we have developed with many of our students that would not have occured otherwise.

1. We appreciate that some of you will take on leadership roles after graduation that will forge the way to world peace.

And with that the kids rose to their feet cheering and clapping. It was a wonderful week.....we didn't think it would work but we were wrong. What a fun week. Kids said 'Thank you' with every smile.


Re: Student Appreciation Week was a hit!

Suzanne D on 3/01/03 at 13:38 (111299)

What a nice positive thing to do, Marie!

I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter and her high school choir to Branson last spring. One of my friends who was also going smiled and told me, 'Now Suzanne, remember these aren't first graders! You won't be able to talk to them like you do your little ones at school.'

I am just me, so I talked to them the only way I know how and showed an interest in them. I fixed hair and listened and encouraged. I found they really responded and still will come up to me when they see me anywhere and talk.

That experience showed me that - like young children - high schoolers really do have the need for attention and to be appreciated.

You must teach in a caring school!

Suzanne :-)