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I need a doctor.

Posted by Pat S on 3/01/03 at 09:26 (111261)

Can you recommend a good foot doctor in the Atlanta area. I am having problems with my left foot and ankle. I had tarsal tunnel release surgery in 1984 and an arthrodesis fusion on the left foot. I am in pain and have difficulty walking. I need help...Thanks, Pat

Re: I need a doctor.

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/01/03 at 12:14 (111275)

I am on the west coast so I don't know a lot of docs personally in that area but Atlanta has a lot of good podiatrists. John Ruch, DPM is well regarded. The website: http://www.acfas.org can provide you with more information. Perhaps one of the pods who practices on the East coast will respond with more names.

Re: I need a doctor.

Pat S on 3/02/03 at 08:05 (111351)

Thank you. I appreciate your response. Also, on my left foot I wanted to note that I can move my foot up and down, but not sideways. I am going to contact John Ruch and let him take a look. I hope something can be done to help me. Thank you for helping people in this way by giving suggestions and information. Not many people understand how arthrodesis ankle fusion can change a person's life...Not many people even know what it is...Thanks, Pat

Re: I need a doctor.

carmen on 3/02/03 at 08:45 (111356)

Go see someone at Marietta Podiatry in Atlanta...they know their stuff there.

Re: I need a doctor.

Pat S on 3/03/03 at 00:05 (111541)

Thank you, Carmen. I appreciate you taking the time to help...Pat