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Z-coil shoes - warning

Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 3/02/03 at 11:24 (111385)

I just wanted to pass this on. The Z-coil shoes have been discussed on this board before. There are things I like about them and some things I don't. One thing came up the other day that I did not think about before.
I was wearing my pair yesterday and noted that the spring platform/mechanism can become caught on the rungs of a ladder (personal experience) and not easy to get out. Definitely do not wear them on ladders.

Re: Z-coil shoes - warning

BGCPed on 3/02/03 at 11:46 (111397)

I remember about a year ago when I posted here a few concerns. I remember getting a bit jumped on by a few and a guy from the company. I suggested that they could get causght on the crossbar on a stool and make you take a carpet nap when you go to get off the stool.

A ladder is much further down. Hope you were not going on roof for ice/snow. You fix many calc fx from that this time of year I am sure.

Did you note any lateral instabilty with those shoes? I wondered about that also

Re: Z-coil shoes - warning

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/05/03 at 14:36 (111899)


Not bad on lateral instability -- I expected more instability and was pleasantly surprised by that characteristic.