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Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Posted by Krsitie R on 3/02/03 at 12:15 (111410)

Hi all,

I have had pf/tendionitis for over a year. I have trwith no relief. I'm hoping to met a doctor who can help me in the New York area. I live in Long Island.


Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 13:17 (111422)

Our group has one doctor in NYC and two on Long Island. We use the Dornier Epos. If you e- mail me at (email removed) I can have one of our ESWT coordinators contact you and send you our ESWT packet and can set up a comlimentary ESWT evaluation. If you have any questions regarding ESWT please let DR. Z know

Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Rose.M on 3/02/03 at 13:57 (111433)

Recently had ESWT done in Manhattan. Very pleased with this doctor, he is the fourth and only one that suggested this treatment. He also had an plan of treatment which made sense to me. If you would like his name you can e-mail me at (email removed). He has four offices, all located in NYC. Good Luck in your search.

Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 15:05 (111447)

Hi Rose
The machine that you had your treatment done on is still under FDA investigation. While you did have your treatment outside of the FDA study I am sure there is good reason, however the advertizement of this machine by anyone including your doctors is against FDA regulation. How do I know this ?. I was the first to ever use this machine in the USA over three years ago. It is a very good machine however it isn't FDA approved at this time and won't be until the studies are evaluated by the FDA. I don't know if you were ever told this by anyone. Just though you should know this.

Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

DrMan on 3/02/03 at 19:58 (111498)

Hi Krsitie R

I am in NYC with an associate on Long Island. We are conducting an FDA study on a newer High Power Electro-Hydrolic ESWT device. If you have had your heel pain for at least six months and failed conservative care under a doctors management you may qualify for the study. This is a double-blinded placebo study. If you get the ESWT treatment there will be absolutely no charge to you. If you get the placebo you may be eligable for the treatment after the study is finished. Either way there will be minimal if any expense to you. If you do not wish to participate in this study or do not qualify for the study, we could perform the ESWT procedure with a different device. With this senerio, however, there would be insurance and financial considerations. If I could be of any further assistance to you either now or in the future please feel free to contact me at: (email removed)

Re: Dr.Man Just curious about this

Dr Z on 3/02/03 at 20:14 (111505)

Hi Dr. Man

Just curious are we still talking about the Big O or is this a new machine that you are now using. I was also under the impression with FDA studies that you don't treat a foot that wasn't orginally in the FDA study.
Rose M from this board told me she just had her opposite foot done that wasn't involved in the study. Is there another machine you are now investigating. Just curious. Thanks.

Re: Dr.Man Just curious about this

Dr.Man on 3/03/03 at 10:41 (111583)

Our group has four offices in New York City with associates on Long Island and Brooklyn. We have access to the OssaTron and the Dornier High Power devices. The Siemens unit is now available, but as you know this is a low power device. I also feel the high power devices are more effective on chronic plantar fasiopathy.

Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Pauline on 3/03/03 at 22:06 (111676)

Funny I didn't see this one and can't find it. He sure didn't tell it this way when he was using it. It was approved and the best thing on the market.

Now its under investigation. You'll also remember the nasty dig he gave Dr. Ed saying his machine wasn't FDA approved for P.F.

Now that a pot calling the kettle black.

Re: Need a New York doctor to do ESWT

Dr Z on 3/04/03 at 07:02 (111684)

This is strange is this in the wrong post. I don't understand this post