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Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

Posted by Nancy F on 3/03/03 at 12:24 (111597)

Just courious,How do u all clean? Especially when there r tons of steps. All i know is that I am over weight, work 4 days take care of my 7 & 3 year old & have had cronic pf since age 15. I am now 42. So Why do i feel sp quilty paying a cleaning lady. I'll do well & have her a few times & then i sont for 6 months or so. Then i get overwhelmed 7 everything piles up because we all have our days when our feet are worse then other days. So the question is do alot of u have a cleaning lady? I feel very lazy when i cant do it all my self or i feel that if the inlaws knew they would say I act like a princess. I know i need to lose 80 & the hight blood pressure would probably get better & the feet would probably hurt a little less. Has anyone lost weight & noticed an inprovement in their feet? I know thats question number 2. Sorry this is so long. Feeling very down & needed to vent. So what i really want to do is concentrate on loseing the weigh by riding the excercise bike & joing ww then worring about tireing myself out from cleaning & then have no energy left. The guilt probably comes from my Italian background. thanks for listening 7 I hope to receive some e mails from u. Naf.

Re: Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

Bev N on 3/03/03 at 12:39 (111598)

Nancy, Don't feel quilty at all about having help cleaning. I am lucky that we moved 3 years ago to a one level home and my laundry room and all is all on one level now, no more stairs. Stairs are hard to do with camboots on. I had a girl clean twice a month when I was working full time, however now I can't work due to the PF pain. I still have her come once a month to do the things that I can't do, or just to help me. It is so hard to be on my feet much. I clean a little every day. I have the little grandchildren here often and they can make a mess.The weight problem is another thing, hard to exercise when we are in such pain all the time, also having this pain also makes me so very tired, does it make others tired out having pain or is it just me being lazy? If spring ever comes I do hope to get outside and I know that will help. I hope even if I can not walk, that I can ride a bike with my New Balance with the orthotics in. I can't wait to get out and plant flowers and vegetables.If I do a little every day, I should be able to do it. This pain is really getting to me and I hope to see another doctor soon and maybe do ESWT to help the pain. Well, I am long winded to, sorry. Have a good day.Bev

Re: Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

wendyn on 3/03/03 at 13:34 (111603)

Nancy - we hired a cleaning lady when my feet were really bad - and my husband was working long hours.

We've kept her for four years now - and I swear it's one of the smartest things we ever did.

Weekends are now for doing things OTHER than just cleaning.

Re: Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

Pauline on 3/03/03 at 14:04 (111607)

Take it from a pro there are a lot more things you can choose to feel guilty about than a cleaning lady.

If you need one and can afford it hire one. If you need to justify it in your mind remember you are providing someone with a job. It works two ways. Most are happy to be employed and your reap the benefit of having cleaning help.

Works for me. When mine go on vacation they must get replacements or I'd go through withdrawal.

Re: Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

Carole C in NOLA on 3/03/03 at 15:21 (111627)

Question number 1 brings up one of the worst parts of having PF, for me. When my PF was bad, I didn't clean at all for more than two months. My house was an utter pig-sty, but I live alone so nobody but all of you on the message board know that. (Shhhh! don't tell anybody! LOL) I hated living in a messy house and sitting around with my feet up; that doesn't promote positive feelings. But it didn't last for that long, in my case, and I had decided to make healing my feet my top priority. Now, I'm glad that I did because I think I'm done with PF (knock on wood).

As far as question number 2 goes, losing weight helps some people but not other people. I never had foot problems in my life, then lost 80 and THEN got PF after losing it. I had PF for about a year before I felt completely recovered, and during that year I maintained my same weight. After I felt completely better, I have gained back 25-30 but it hasn't been a problem for my feet. So for me, weight does not seem to be the issue. But other people have noticed that losing as little as 10-15 pounds has helped them. You could always try it and find out.

Carole C

Re: Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf.

john h on 3/03/03 at 17:13 (111641)

Nancy the cleaning lady around here is named John. Works for free and is here 7 days a week.