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leg cramps

Posted by Celia on 3/03/03 at 15:05 (111623)

I've had PF for five years now and everytime I go to the chiro, he applies A.R.T. on my calves because I continually develop these knots in my calves. I know they are a big contributor to my PF. My chiro said that I was a 'special case' because of the knots I get. I'd like to know if there's a mineral I can take (I've been taking potassium) or something I can do to have these knots go away.

I would also like to know if ultrasound on my calf muscles would help. I remember when I injured my back from a car accident, they were helping my tissues to heal by applying ultrasound. I'm wondering this would help me or if you have heard of that being done on someone's calves and feet before.

Re: leg cramps

Tom C on 3/23/03 at 00:13 (113960)

i was scanning the board and saw your comments about leg cramps...

i had them for a long time, so bad that they would cause me to bolt streight up in bed a night because of the pain.

believe it or not i stopped having the cramps when i started taking 1 a day multi vitimens.

if i miss the vitimins my cramps come back.

for me it was so simple..... i'm told it was a potasium deficiency.

for what it is worth i thought i would mention it.

Tom C.