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how long should I be going to PT after surgery, also not satsified with PT.

Posted by lauriel on 3/03/03 at 15:10 (111626)

I am just ending 2 months of therapy and I want to stop my current PT and maybe go to another one (should I go for new consult?) I feel like I have been abandoned. I was very happy with the original PT and the progress I was making 3 weeks ago my PT was no longer on the office (he is opening a new practice but still owns this one - They brought in a PTA a temporary PT and the PTs wife who is also a PT. I had to explain everything all over to each one for the particular day I was there. I have been going three times a week. I have only had a PT do actual work twice in this time. What am I paying for? especially after just receiving my bill! I have to even figure out if I can go any more and see what benefits I have left. I guess I need to confront them that I am not happy and feel their care is not adequate. The only thing they are doing now I cant do at home is ultrasound. The one PT did joint mobilization twice. Should they be doing more of this, Since I have so many differnet people that have worked on me each person does something different.Or should there be other stuff At what point do I not need ultrasound.

Re: how long should I be going to PT after surgery, also not satsified with PT.

Sharon W on 3/04/03 at 18:15 (111800)


That sounds really bad! Have you told them at the physical therapy place that you are not satisfied with the treatment you've received lately and told them what you want them to do for you? Maybe if you approached them about this and talked it over with them, you could come to an understanding.

Ultrasound is important, though, since you were worried that you may have started to develop a problem with scar tissue and if so you DON'T want that to get worse... Scar tissue is like the main thing that can go wrong with a TTS surgery months after the surgical procedure itself was successful and done properly.


Re: how long should I be going to PT after surgery, also not satsified with PT.

Linda on 3/05/03 at 07:07 (111838)

I had my surgeries dec 14,2001,and march 29,2002. I am still in physical therapy for my right foot. I am almost painfree,but still can only walk or do any weight-bearing activity for about 15 minutes without pain. Physical therapy has worked really well for me. My physical therapist is excellent. He is totally hands on,and he is the only one to work on me.
I am having ultrasound,ems,and massage with the whirlpool first. I then have my foot taped (he tapes the other one too). I have 2 weeks left,and then i am all done. My health insurance won't pay for anymore.
My podiatrist said if i am still in pain after i'm done with therapy, my insurance said they will pay for E.S.W.T.
If i were you, i would go to another physical therapy place. If you are unhappy,and not feeling better,then i would go immediately.
good luck

Re: how long should I be going to PT after surgery, also not satsified with PT.

lauriel on 3/06/03 at 16:10 (112044)

thanks for the info, I will talk to him