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Treatment for ruptured fascia>

Posted by Sharon B. on 3/03/03 at 15:40 (111630)

I have been treating plantar fasciitis for over a year and a half with a cast, orthotics, and a night splint. The latter two are still being used. My foot pain was better for a while last summer and fall and now it is much worse. Today the doctor said she thinks the fascia has ruptured and prescribed a day/night brace. Has anyone had this problem and gotten any relief from any treatment. Of course, my insurance doesn't cover these things and the day/night brace may be as much as $1,000.00. I wondered if anyone has had success with the day/night brace...or anything else for that matter. Thanks

Re: Treatment for ruptured fascia>

SteveG on 3/03/03 at 16:46 (111636)

Do you have any idea how you ruptured it? I am shocked at the price -- 1,000 dollars for a brace? This has been discussed a few times on this board and, as I recall, the treatment outlined consisted of casting and loads of physical therapy. And I also recall somewhat mixed results. Some people improved substantially with the casting and therapy and some people have continued problems after the rupture. You might want to post this question to the 'Ask the Doctors' section of the board to see what insight they can provide.

Re: Treatment for ruptured fascia>

Bev N on 3/03/03 at 18:05 (111648)

What is a day/night brace? Would it be like a camboot? I have camboots and they are around $80.00 each I think. My ins. paid for them so I'm not sure of the cost. The camboot is a brace also as it is metal and hard plastic. Bev

Re: Treatment for ruptured fascia>

Bev N on 3/03/03 at 18:40 (111659)

Sorry, My hubby just said they(camboots) were $250.00 each, I guess he saw the ins. EOB , I didn't see it, I guess.