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Drs, what other txs can be done?

Posted by Mary Y on 3/04/03 at 02:32 (111683)

I have been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome. I have tried physical therapy (iontophoresis, deep tissue massage, stretching). None of this has helped me. I have tried icing my ankles and feet, only for the relief to be very temporary.

I am waiting for my custom orthotics to come in. I will be getting them from a podiatrist that I have been seeing. However, my pcp wants me to see a foot and ankle orthopedist. What else can be done for my situation?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Drs, what other txs can be done?

Dr. David S. Wander on 3/04/03 at 08:16 (111689)

Has your doctor tried any injections in the area? Cortisone injections are often utilized to reduce localized inflammation and sometimes anesthetic injections are used as a diagnostic tool. Additionally, have any oral anti-inflammatories been used? Have you had any diagnostic tests to help confirm the diagnosis? (Although an EMG/NCV may be negative in many cases of TTS).

Re: Drs, what other txs can be done?

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/04/03 at 09:23 (111710)


I have to second all that Dr. Wander has said. NCVs are not very sensitive for TTS, that is, they will miss a fair percentage of cases. Conversely, if the NCV is positive for TTS, then the likelihood of the diagnosis being correct is very high (the test is not sensitive but it is selective).

Re: Drs, what other txs can be done?

Mary Y on 3/04/03 at 22:03 (111828)

Thank you both for your suggestions.

NCV tests confirmed tts. I have not tried injections yet. My podiatrist has never suggested it.

I have tried neurontin and amitryptyline and had relief. But, I was told that the relief from these meds last only as long as I take them. How true is this?

Thanks again