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What Birks do you guys like?

Posted by Richard, C.Ped on 3/04/03 at 08:17 (111690)

I am going to carry a few Birks. I am needing your opinions as to what you like the best before I order.

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 08:55 (111695)

Most people like the Arizona best, hands down! Arizonas are the 'workhorse' of PF Birkenstocks, in my opinion. I like mine and wear them a lot. The Arizona straps only have holes placed in them so that they can be worn extremely loosely. After wearing them a while, some people might want an additional hole put in the straps.

BUT ANYWAY... I'm the oddball here, who likes the Fulda best. It's got a different footbed (the Tatami high arch footbed) that seems to fit my foot a little better. It provides support where my foot cries out for it, further back in the footbed than the Arizona I guess. There has only been one person at heelspurs.com besides me who liked the Fulda (as far as I know), and he was new to Birkenstocks. The classic footbed of the Arizona seems to work better than the Fulda for most PF feet.

I have two others with the classic footbed like the Arizona.

The first is the Granada. The reason I like it better than the Arizona is that it is prettier and more feminine looking. It was a big morale boost to me in that respect, since I have a wide foot and couldn't wear the even more feminine looking Birkenstock styles that only come in narrow. Here's something interesting about the Granada. Since my foot is a size 39 length and a size 40 width (a wide foot, in other words), my Birkenstock fitter put me in a 39 Granada. My foot, which normally would slop over the sides of a 39, is held within the rim slightly by all the leather on the sides of the Granada and that seemed to work; then the 'bumps' fit my foot better because the length was right.

The second is the Florida. It has three straps instead of two straps, and for me that seems to provide a better fit than the Arizona. I know they are supposed to slide around, but my feet still like the Florida a little better, for whatever reasons. They are very similar to the Arizona, aside from the extra strap.

If you were only going to get three styles of Birkenstock, I'd get the Arizona, the Florida, and the Boston clog (which I don't have, but which is very popular here and also has the classic footbed but in a closed toe style that some people need for work).

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 08:58 (111696)

What shoes are we PF'ers to wear in the shower? I wear Birks around the house, no more slippers for me. Thanks

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 09:00 (111697)

Carole, What are you doing up? You were suppose to be sleeping in and relaxing with your coffee outside in the sun. I see it is to be 73 degrees there today. We are still freezing and expecting more snow today. Have a nice day :0)

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 09:09 (111703)

I did sleep in! Usually my alarm rings at 5:30, and it was 7:30 before I got up this morning. I feel like a lazy bum! LOL

It's warm and misty here in New Orleans, but at last the rain has stopped.

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 09:17 (111706)

Bev, Birkenstock makes some waterproof models that some people use in the shower. They are probably the most supportive shower shoes. However, I have never tried them on.

When my PF was really severely painful and I was shopping for shower shoes, I could not find any waterproof Birkenstocks to try on. What worked for me was a $50 medical shower stool, that I bought at a medical supply place. I would sit on this sideways, then slip my Arizonas off and swivel so that I was facing forwards in my tub/shower.

Later, I also bought some waterproof Nike sandals with foam soles about an inch thick. Nikes are not supportive and not good for PF (in my opinion) but the thick sole helped a lot more than just standing barefoot. Anyway, I mostly sat on the shower stool and just stood for a moment at the end of the shower which I really wanted to do. Later, when my PF was mostly healed, I was able to retire the shower stool but I continued wearing my shower shoes for quite a while.

I hope this helps! I found that not standing barefoot in my tub/shower was a huge help in healing my feet.

Carole C

Re: P.S., what do the rest of you do for shower shoes, anyway? (nm)

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 09:21 (111708)


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

john h on 3/04/03 at 09:22 (111709)


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 09:58 (111719)

Carole, I was on the Birkenstock site and did not see any waterproof ones. I saw a lovely new one called Margaret(my grandmothers name),and is it pretty for summer dressup. I have 2 pair of Arizonas and a pair of clogs, but the clogs hurt my feet now that I have PF.I will keep looking for the waterproof ones on other sites. I do have a Birks catalog, I guess I could stop being lazy and go find that, right?

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 10:06 (111721)

Well Bev, a lot of the styles have changed this year. You might want to look into something like this one:


It says that it's 'water friendly' so I'm not sure what that means. It sure LOOKS like a shower shoe. It also says that it has medium arch support, which would be better than the Nike sandals that I used! I'm still hoping that somebody else might post about their shower shoes too.

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 10:47 (111726)

Thankyou Carole, I ordered a new catalog through that site as I will call and order them, I liked the Pacific (they were cheaper for the shower). Thankyou for your help. Bev

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 10:51 (111727)

I have ordered from that site in the past, and was very pleased with their service. I ordered the Pacific about 15 months ago and was told that they are not being made any more and they had no more in my size. I hope you have better luck than I did!

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

marie on 3/04/03 at 10:51 (111728)

I have Natoma, Annapolis, and super birks. The Natoma is great with casual dress as well as jeans. I got the Annapolis for skirts and casual dresses. I have a pair of super birks that I wear around the house and out and about.

I am getting ready to purchase a good hiking boot...not hat I am going anywhere but I want someting for what little hiking I do and also through the snow. I am considering either the Rockford or Sonora. If any of you have this boot please let me know if you like them.


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 10:53 (111729)

P.S., if my memory is correct then I ordered the Pacific from this same website; anyway, whatever site I ordered them from, did not give me any problems and simply deducted that shoe from my order and didn't charge me.

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 11:04 (111732)

I just ordered the Pacific for the shower, so I will see if I get them, it did not say they were not available. Thankyou for your help, Carole.Bev

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 11:10 (111733)

The ones that I had ordered were pink, and at the time that was the only color, if my recollection is correct. I noticed that pink isn't shown any more. So maybe they started making them again in these more attractive colors!

They sure look like the best Birkenstock for the shower, to me. I think you made a great choice. From what I read back then, they are thoroughly waterproof and made to use as shower shoes or pool shoes.

Carole C

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 11:27 (111736)

I ordered the navy. I am making my 0 point WW soup and my eyes are burning from the onions, but it tastes good so it is worth it.

Re: cheese soup recipe

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/03 at 11:46 (111743)

If or when you want some variety in soup, here's a recipe for a Weight Watchers friendly cheese soup. I found it on a message board, and I've been making it ever since. I live alone, so I freeze it in one cup portions in gladware containers which can go from freezer to microwave.

Cheese Soup

2 lbs. frozen mixed vegetables
3 cans fat free chicken broth
1 can mild Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies
10 oz. light Velveeta Cheese

Bring first 3 ingredients to a boil. Simmer 45 minutes. Remove from heat and add cheese. Stir until cheese melts.

Points: The recipe listed 1 point per 1 cup. However, depending on the ingredients and how many portions you get out of them, I've found it's almost always 2 points per cup! So when I make it, I add up all the calories, fat, and fiber for all the ingredients, and then divide by the number of portions I ended up with. Then I use my slider to get the correct points.

Sodium: Try to get the lowest sodium ingredients you can, because this can be a very high sodium soup. However, I haven't had much trouble with it if I just have one portion and get my water in. I like this soup when I first come home from work and feel ravenous. I just grab a portion out of the freezer and microwave it for a quick snack. It takes the edge off and 2 points is not very much in the grand scheme of things.

Carole C

Re: cheese soup recipe

Bev N on 3/04/03 at 11:55 (111745)

Thanks Carole, I printed it out, looks good. Bev

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Mar on 3/04/03 at 12:32 (111756)

I have rubber birkis that I bought at Long Beach Island at a Birk store - they are great for the shower. I haven't seen them on the website though. They are solid rubber.

I like the Florida sandals and just bought a pair of Boston which I haven't yet worn. (Birks)

The most comfortable are Clark clogs.


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Mar on 3/04/03 at 16:52 (111789)

Forgot to mention that the Floridas and Bostons are SOFT footbed. Can't wear the hard ones. Mar

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Suzanne D on 3/04/03 at 17:02 (111791)

Our internet has been down today until now, and I haven't had time to read all this thread. But I will say Arizonas, definitely, Bostons, and also some in the soft footbed style. That is the only kind I can wear. That would be a good start.

I think it is nice that you are going to carry some in stock for your patients. That will be a real help to them, I am sure!

Suzanne :-)

Re: P.S., what do the rest of you do for shower shoes, anyway? (nm)

Leon S. on 3/04/03 at 18:18 (111801)

If anyone is interested, I have been using a relatively inexpensive, rubber sandal made by, or called Okabashi. I find it almost as comfortable as a birk with alot of support. I slip into them when I come home and because they're rubberized, I use them in the shower all the time. During the spring and summer, my local CVS sells them in large baskets in the front of the store.

Re: And also...

Suzanne D on 3/04/03 at 19:46 (111815)

Since you make orthotics, it might be helpful to stock at couple of styles of Birks that have the removable footbed. Perhaps those shoes might work for someone who needs to find a good, roomy shoe in which to place their orthotics.

I know you make orthotics for a particular shoe - usually a shoe like New Balance, I presume. But a dressier shoe like the Annapolis women's shoe might be a good choice to stock. I have that shoe and really like it since I sent my removable footbeds to have the soft footbed covering added. It has a very roomy toe box.

Suzanne :-)

Re: To: ****Marie****

Necee on 3/04/03 at 23:44 (111830)

I have a pair of the Sonoma Hiking boots, and I love them. The only problem I have is getting them on! They cover the ankle, and even with me unlacing them quite a bit, they are still difficult to slip on, I have to really tug hard. But other than that, I have really enjoyed them.

Happy trails...


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Necee on 3/04/03 at 23:47 (111831)

Good choice Richard!
I love the Bostons, and the Sonoma. I would think that the sandals would be a good choice to stock, especially considering that spring and summer is just around the corner.
Good luck!

Happy trails....


Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Richard, C.Ped on 3/05/03 at 12:02 (111868)

thanx for all the information!!!!

Re: What Birks do you guys like?

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/06/03 at 10:51 (112001)


I like the Nebraska due to the back strap, mild rocker sole and most importantly, the removable foot bed which can be modified for better control.