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PF Surgery vs. ESWT Treatment - Initially NO CONTEST!

Posted by Scott Reeves on 3/04/03 at 11:39 (111740)

I had PF release and nerve work done on my left foot two years ago.

I just had ESWT done on my right foot last week with the Ossatron (told me they did 1500x at 800kvs).

While my right foot is sore and sometimes numb, it pales in comparison to the post-op state I was in with my left foot (invasive surgery). I am not taking any pain meds and the first-step pain in the morning is already gone. My biggest challenge is keeping my butt planted to a chair and staying off my feet.

I am also doing PT right after the treatment (whirlpool and Ultrasound) with ESWT which I did not get with PF surgery.

The fact that I could walk right after the treatment is worth doing it alone. My recovery from the PF release was long and hard. Being on crutches was a challenge.

Overall, it is too early to tell if ESWT worked, but I would strongly consider it before traditional surgery. I even paid for it because my insurance would not and I did not want to go through another PF release that my insurance would pay for (goofballs).

The PF release and nerve work two years ago on my left foot helped some, but not all the way. I still have heel pain, just not as bad. But I think it is more nerve-related than PF related. Another story.

So to those considering ESWT, I hope this helps in your decision making process.

Re: PF Surgery vs. ESWT Treatment - Initially NO CONTEST!

Rose M on 3/04/03 at 14:32 (111770)

Good to hear you are doing well. I am also having a tough time sitting still, but I find that when I do too much my foot feels fatigued. Most of the day I am pain free, morning pain is 80% better, when I am on it too long it feels sore and my ankle feels a little weak. Heating pad works great, whirlpool sounds even better. Real tired at work - didn't last the day but I have back problems which complicates things. Go to PT for my back. What do they do for your feet? Stretching hurts at times. Good luck in your healing.

Re: PF Surgery vs. ESWT Treatment - Initially NO CONTEST!

Scott Reeves on 3/04/03 at 14:44 (111773)

Hi Rose,

I go to PT 2x/wk for warm whirlpool and then ultrasound to help promote blood flow and healing.

At home and work, I ice it multiple times as well as do some strengthening exercises with a band (plantar flexion).

I was told not to do stretching initially, so I am going with their advice. There seems to two schools of thought on this approach.

I echo your comments about pain, tolerance and fatigue. Definitely less pain in the morning, I work at a computer all day so I am able to stay seated and I elevate my leg at my desk. If I walk or stand for any short period of time, I feel it so I avoid that as much as possible.

I am just taking it real easy and keeping my toes crossed!