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Any orthodics suggestions??

Posted by lauriel on 3/04/03 at 13:21 (111763)

I have my post op appt next week- and I want to get a new set of orthodics. My old Dr gave me hard ones which I think made the TTS eventually worse - The Dr did a mold of my foot that was sent away to make the molds. My new Dr wanted to wait awhile after the surgery, si I think it may be time.

Question - Should the Dr do this or are experts out there to see directly to get them. Also any recommendation on types that have worked for you.
Thanks Laurie

Re: Any orthodics suggestions??

Dr Z on 3/04/03 at 16:32 (111784)

If your doctor is a podiatrist you should have no problem with the casting of your orthosis. The type of orthosis will depend on your foot structure and the biomechanics of your gait.

Re: Any orthodics suggestions??

lauriel on 3/04/03 at 17:23 (111794)

He is an orthopedic surgeon, not a podiatrist - would this make a difference?

Re: Any orthodics suggestions??

Dr Z on 3/05/03 at 04:25 (111837)

Yes unless he has someone in his office such as a pedorthist to do the casting of the orthosis.

Re: Any orthodics suggestions??

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/06/03 at 12:15 (112015)


It is important that the orthotics place minimal pressure on the porta pedis which is part of the arch.