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pf misdiagnosed for 2 years

Posted by Jana Busby on 3/05/03 at 12:01 (111867)

I have had pf supposedly in my left foot for two years. I finally got an MRI and was diagnosed with a fascial tear that may require surgery. There is inflammation in the hallicus abductor muscle, and the inflammation is causing the calcaneal nerve to shoot pain up into the inside of my left calf. I have had pf in the right foot, but it is now gone. So I knew that the pain in my left foot was not at all similar to the right foot pain and recovery.

Do you have any comments or have you seen a case like mine? I kept thinking that there was something else wrong with my foot. If this info can help anyone else, it would be great. I was headed to Dr. Zimmerman in New Jersey for ESWT, but I think pf is not mine.


Jana Busby

Re: pf misdiagnosed for 2 years

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/05/03 at 14:34 (111898)


Plantar fascial tears are rarely repaired surgically. They generally resolve via immmobilization (casting).

A plantar fascial tear can act like a release of the fascia as tension is released.

Re: pf misdiagnosed for 2 years

Dr Z on 3/05/03 at 16:59 (111915)

Hi Jana

It Dr.Zuckerman. So you found heelspurs.com. Great site.