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post eswt therapy

Posted by John S. on 3/05/03 at 15:07 (111906)

I had the eswp 10 days ago. I am wondering if i should be doing any therapy at home using ice or heat? My foot still is in pain but it may be a different pain. I was to see the doc this morning and he said all was normal, but i forgot to ask about home therapy. Anyone have any ideas?

Re: post eswt therapy

John M on 3/05/03 at 16:25 (111912)

The ESWT treatment is re-activating the healing process through a controlled ultrasonic sound wave trauma. It is causing the influx of growth-factors, free radicals and new blood vessels. You want to do therapy that would aid in the inflow of new blood into the area. Warm soaks or heating pads would help. Gentle massage to stimulate the flow of blood and mild stretching of the calf, achilles and fascia. This can be done at home or with a physical therapist. You want to use the foot since the piezoelectric effect (body's reaction to pressure stress)will aid in healing the area, however don't over do it, because this will cause too much trauma and interfere with what the body is trying to do. Try to avoid anti-inflammatories since this will hinder the body's ability to mount it's inflammatory reaction and therefore it's healing. You should consult your physician on all these matters. Good Luck

Re: post eswt therapy

DrManT on 3/05/03 at 16:30 (111913)

That previous note was from DrMan, a doctor in New York City. I hope this is of assistance to you.