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Carole, how's your vacation going?

Posted by Suzanne D on 3/05/03 at 21:16 (111950)

I just read on another board a thread in which you wrote that you were taking this week off to just do what you wanted to do. That sounds nice! Have you had good weather to relax and work some in your yard? I really hope you're enjoying your time off.

Yesterday we had a very sunny day, and it felt so good to see the sun streaming through my classroom windows! I teach extended school until 5:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a small group of first graders for whom reading is like walking for us in the worst stages of PF. I'm sure they wonder why others can read with such ease and yet it is so hard for them.

I decided to see if I could make it really fun for them yesterday. We made leprechauns, and I printed out 20 sight words for each of them that they need to know. We would find a certain word, glue it on his beard, then color, etc. until we had the little guy made with all the words glued on. I kept making reference to the words as we went, trying to help them practice.

I happened to think that I had a CD with Irish music, so I put it on as we worked. They began instinctively moving to the music, and I promised when we finished that we would dance to it. So before we left, this 50 year old with stiff joints and feet not feeling so great got in the middle of the floor with them and danced a jig! Granted, I didn't kick my feet up as much as they did, but we had fun. We joined hands in a circle and made a real group effort out of it.

It WAS fun, and today they looked at me and grinned and said, 'Yesterday, WE danced, didn't we?' like we had a great secret. And they DID remember some of the words!

Have a good week!
Suzanne :-)

Re: Carole, how's your vacation going?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/05/03 at 22:07 (111957)

Sounds like you and your children are having fun! Me too. My vacation has been very enjoyable.

Yesterday was the first day of my vacation, and it was Mardi Gras, so I couldn't really go anywhere due to traffic. I slept late, watched the parades on TV in the morning, and did a few chores around the house. I e-mailed back and forth with Frank, who was at work and feeling depressed about not being here on Mardi Gras. He seems to feel better today.

'The Godfather' and 'The Godfather, Part II' were on AMC the other night, and I enjoyed both of them immensely, back to back. I haven't seen the original movie for many years, and I never saw Part II before. I watched it a second time this afternoon. I just love the theme song for those movies.

Today I mowed the lawn in the front yard, which was about knee high with blooming weeds. That was quite an endeavor, especially since it was my first mowing this spring. I had an awful time getting the mower started, until I read in the instructions that old gas could be the problem. So, I bought new gas and put that gas in it, and it started right up. Tomorrow I need to weed the flower beds and mow the back yard.

This evening I've been looking at the candidates for governor in our election next October and trying to find out some of their background and qualifications. I think that this election could make a big difference for Louisiana.

Really, I haven't done anything noteworthy except that I've been relaxing and enjoying life a lot. It's been very foggy here all week, so I'm not really inspired to drive anywhere. But I'm having a great time! I'm surprised and a bit dismayed at how quickly time seems to pass on vacation.

Carole C

Re: Carole, how's your vacation going?

Necee on 3/06/03 at 00:35 (111969)

Carole it sounds like you're enjoying your vacation. I'm glad the weather finally cleared up so you could get those outside chores done. I'm hoping for some of that sunshine this weekend so I can get some work done outside myself. Its been raining every weekend for 3 weeks, and my yard at home and the farm really needs our attention.
Suzanne, If I could I'd turn back the clock and become a student in your class! Those children are so fortunate to have such a great teacher as you. Keep on kicking up those heels gal!

Happy trails....


Re: Carole, how's your vacation going?

Bev N on 3/06/03 at 08:46 (111981)

Goodmorning Carole, I saw a little of the Marti Gras on TV, I didn't see you in the crowd though, only a million people though. I think the only way I would enjoy it is if I were one of those staying in that really fancy hotel there and watching from my private deck(like I could afford it-ha), sipping fabulous drinks and eating lucious food. Maybe someday, never know, right? You have a nice week and don't work too hard on the yard, suppose to be a vacation, you know. Looks like 70 degrees for you --nice, we have about 20 degrees today here, but sun is shining so that is really nice. Gotta go to therapy now,bye. Bev

Re: Carole, how's your vacation going?

Suzanne D on 3/06/03 at 16:34 (112046)

Hi, Carole! Relaxing and enjoying life sounds noteworthy to me! I am happy you are having a nice break. And I could get Spring Fever reading about your lawn and flower bed!

It is cold and cloudy again here today, but what is that old saying ~
'If winter comes, can spring be far behind?'

Suzanne :-)

Re: Necee...

Suzanne D on 3/06/03 at 16:35 (112047)

Thank you, Necee! How's the weather in Texas this week? We had a couple of sunny days which were such a treat. Now it's back to cloudy and gray and cold. But March is always such a changeable month...

Take care!
Suzanne :-)

Re: Sta-bil ize it !!!

BrianG on 3/07/03 at 14:12 (112155)

Hey Carole,

Now that your a home owner, and you know all about machete's, it's time to lean about gas stabilizer :*) You can get it in any auto parts store and most hardware stores. Add a little to your gas, and it won't go bad. And if you really want your mower to start easy each year, change the spark plug also! Fun eh' !!

If I pull up my shirt, will you send me some beads????? hahahaaa


Re: Sta-bil ize it !!!

Carole C in NOLA on 3/07/03 at 16:21 (112168)

Change the spark plug? Yow. I don't even have a spark plug wrench. Forget about pulling up your shirt... come change my lawnmower spark plug and I'll toss you some beads! I'll even give you some King cake. :)

By the way, does gas stabilizer really work, or is it just another one of those things invented to lighten my wallet? I was very impressed at the difference new gas made. I must have pulled that cord 40 times with the old gas, and finally got it to start but it was coughing and not happy, and I had to really nurse it along to keep it from dying and not give it too much to handle all at once. Even so, I had to stop for a minute and pick up a washer that was in the grass, and when I tried to re-engage it, it died and absolutely would not re-start. That looked really bad; half the lawn neatly mowed, and a big patch in the center with blooming weeds knee high.

With new gas it started on the first or second pull and never came anywhere near stalling after that. The manual says that I also need to change the oil. The oil doesn't look bad and there's enough of it, and my friends never change the oil in their lawnmowers, but since mine is a fancy Honda self-propelled mower maybe I should stop thinking so much and just do what the manual says to do. LOL

Carole C

Re: Necee...

Necee on 3/08/03 at 01:08 (112222)

Oh the weather was glorious Friday Suzanne. It was the first full day of sunshine in over a week! The temperature got up to 78*. I plan on getting some yard work done this weekend, and hopefully soak up some of those rays.

Happy trails...


Re: Sta-bil ize it !!!

BrianG on 3/08/03 at 22:35 (112310)

Yep, the gas stabilizer really works!!! Without it, gas will turn into a 'varnish' like substance as it evaporates over time. With the stabilizer, this won't happen. Gas from one year, will still be good the next. I use it all the time, since I had a few episodes of gas going bad. A little goes a long way.

I'll have to check the calendar, to see when I'm free to come down and change that plug :*)


PS: Here is a cut and paste

Gold Eagle Home
Frequently Asked Questions
What Happens to Fuel When it is Stored?
Stored fuel can break down to form gum and varnish deposits which clog your fuel system and make gas go bad.  This can cause bad starting problems, increase maintenance costs and shorten the life of small engines.
Any fuel, be it gasoline, diesel, or heating fuel, is made up of many different organic compounds.  These compounds are constantly changing over time and become new compounds that change the characteristics of fuel.   Oxygen and other elements in the environment create new molecules that build up to form gummy residues or varnish-like films that can clog fuel lines, carburetors, and injectors.
Some fuels are treated with oxidation inhibitors that allow them to be stored up to two months without generating excessive deposits.  Other fuels have no inhibitors at all.  In any case, proper storage of equipment includes stabilizing the fuel to protect your engine.
Is Draining Fuel A Good Solution?
Not really.  Draining fuel can be a hassle that leads to other problems.  First, it is impossible to get every drop of fuel out of the system by simply draining.  In order to remove all fuel, lines must be blown out, or enough fuel will remain to cause problems.  Second, draining exposes the bare metal in the tank and fuel system to air and moisture which causes rust and corrosion.  Third, gaskets and seals may dry out or crack, leading to leaks when the system is refilled.  Lastly, drained fuel is a fire and safety hazard and proper disposal is difficult.  For these reasons, draining is not the solution.
Can Fuel Stored in a Gas Can or Tank Cause Problems?
Yes.  Fuel stored in gas cans or tanks also gets old, oxidizes and breaks down.  You might be left with bad gas.   Using the same fuel next season greatly increases the likelihood that deposits will form in your equipment's fuel system.  Prevent this problem - stored fuel should be stabilized too.
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It works great.  On average, the life of your typical gasoline is extended from 2 months oxidation life without STA-BILŪ up to 15 months with STA-BIL.   STA-BIL keeps your gas fresh for quick starts.
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STA-BILŪ is available in most mass merchandisers, auto parts stores, home center and hardware stores including Wal-Mart, AutoZone, Lowe's, Menard's, Home Depot (Illinois), Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Meijer's, Mills Fleet Farm, NAPA, Pep Boys, Murray's, O'Reilly's, Kmart, Carquest, and Blain's Farm & Fleet.
Click here for: Treatment Levels, Storage/Shelf Life, Application & How STA-BILŪ Works
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Gold Eagle Home
Đ2002 Gold Eagle Co. Gold EagleŪ, STA-BILŪ, HEETŪ, 104+ Octane BoostŪ, NO-LEAKŪ

Re: Sta-bil ize it !!!

Carole C in NOLA on 3/08/03 at 23:25 (112312)

Great! Thanks for the info. :)

Carole C

Re: Sta-bil ize it !!!

john h on 3/10/03 at 09:04 (112415)

Brain: I have used Sta-Bil for years each and every winter.