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Studies on long term relief from TTS surgery

Posted by Pam S. on 3/05/03 at 23:50 (111967)

I have been reading this post for several months now and have decided to plunge in. I had TTS surgery release in my rt. foot in 99. The surgery was successful (I too had a positive EMG/NCV on that foot and the Dr. said it was bilateral but left was not as severe) I sometimes have burning in that foot I had the surgery in. Why would that be? It is not nearly as severe as pre-surgery but I am wondering if things could get worse. I struggled thru the surgery and was diagnosed with full blown fibromyalgia after this surgery. So much pain. It took me a few years to get back to normal and I am still a work in progress. My left foot burns nearly all day but I carry on a pretty normal life. I think the orthodics are very tricky and make me worse. I gave up on them and wear a sock with velcro straps around my foot in my gym shoes when I work out.
Should I repeat the nerve test in my left foot to see if things are worse? I am just so scared to have the surgery because what if I go downhill again.
I take 400 mg of neurontin, had multiple PT. Have a fabulous surgeon who has done all he can do for me. I just wonder if in 5 years does this surgery hold? Since it is new have there been any studies?
I no longer feel like I am the only person in the whole world with this problem. I hope this is clear.
If you do not have the nerve released can you do permanent damage to your foot? have I asked too many questions at once. Thank you so much